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The only visionary way to unleash and manage the synergy.

and practical 

The Power Vaccine to start and walk The Roadmap:

Feel free to call it SuperVac, VaccineW, whatever you like...

Isn't it time to begin to increase our Wisdom Footprint?

The Vaccine is a book to write in!

It is more of a workbook to do your homework. 

You will find the whole meaning in it later yourself, you will understand what it stands for; 

And that will be one turning point in our future lives and for our common future.

Consider each note you take under each heading

in The Vaccine is simply a dot.

So, yes, you will be connecting the dots along the journey.

Once you connect, it will be another turning point.

Connect the dots, fill in the blanks, that's about it ;)

The Vaccine Workbook is an intellectual vaccine. One dose is enough forever.

Way too many dots piled up, waiting to be connected. And blanks to fill in. Now is time to work on them.

If not now, when?

The Vaccine workbook for the Roadmap
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A Socioeconomic, Cultural, and Intellectual Vaccine
for all missions and visions... For all of you! For any cause!


Various technical details need more time to get better first, then the best.

 Global Brainstorming, right on time, right as it has to be, starting right from the brain you house! 


Ps: You just got the most perfect idea, just like that?! just note it down in The Vaccine before you forget! You will sure connect it to a lot of other things later... Apparently The Vaccine is very useful.

This is the first page inside... Yes, you will be able to begin to personalize The Vaccine instantly! As an individual, or as a team of family members, friends, colleagues, etc. Find a name for your team, get to work, start to +mode fast! Ok, let's take it easy... Of course this is not a right away must but consider for later ;-) 

You can even consider setting up multiple teams, by the way.

So this subject most dazzling Roadmap of all times needs your touch and involvement before it fully reveals itself...


Your all you, full potential, both so far discovered and yet to discover, in a nutshell!

The Roadmap will be enriched and taken to new heights in the new horizons by each one of you. Any single detail, any element, any old or new whatever, your dreams, your goals, will all help, and find their place to settle and work both for you and for the COGROWTH!

Each zone of the Roadmap is modular, and in fact free from each other and sustainable in its own endless perimeter, where perimeters of the zones also intertwine with one another. They continuously feed each other, they always empower and sustain each other, or they simply do this when necessary, or when you want them to do so.

Choose where you want to dance! Simply pick the zone to focus on and enrich further! Then say next! Do this alone, or with your family, friends, colleagues or with anyone you want. Remember; No demographic matters!


You will be able to bring your unique touch to each zone and to its mission in life! You will attach its mission to your mission! Customize it, play around, if you observe a new dimension to bring in, bingo, take the zone to a new height!

We’ll all be now on the same page… We were already, now we’ll fully internalize it. Just because human dignity simply requires to do so.


The Vaccine + The Roadmap = The Vision for The Cogrowth

The description, starting with IMPORTANT, on the Amazon page, is pretty clear I believe but again;


The Vaccine is not a regular book just to read. Of course there is content to read about The Vision but it is more of a workbook to think and write (and read what you write, review as often as possible or when you see fit).


It is a notebook to take your notes. And it is an inseperable part of The Roadmap. The headings in The Vaccine are mostly the modules of The Roadmap's zones, but in mixed order... Before we place them to their zones where they belong to, you have to do a little bit of a homework and thus everything will settle better.

The Vaccine, in fact, may function on its own, too. It may help review your agenda, potential, and capacity, and proceed to further develop them in diverse fields with multi dimensional thoughts as well, or discover new dimensions by realizing various details and studying their interrelations. It may as well help with any SWOT analysis, entrepreneurial thoughts and activities, personal development, career planning, future planning, idea empowering, education material planning, new normal planning, post covid social and economical rehabilitation, bla bla bla…

Or simply you will discover for what purpose you will activate The Vaccine!

Thank you! Stay well!

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