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The only visionary way to unleash and manage the synergy.

and practical 

More about the Roadmap

  • Roadmap is the way to LEARN*, to TEACH*, to FUTURE*, to LIBERTY*, to HAPPINESS*, to HUMANISM*, to PROSPERITY*, to LEADERSHIP*, to SUSTAINABILITY*, to REHABILITATION*, to ENLIGHTENMENT*, to enhanced PASSION*, to legitimate ENTHUSIASM, to COURAGE*, to SYNERGY*, and a lot more! 

* We'll get into details later.

ps: If Roadmap is not the way then it will simply help above find their ways in real life.

  • The Roadmap will simply save you time, and show you how and where to start to change the world,

or, in other words, how to get civilized in the best manner and with style while at the same time practicing the way and leaving it as a valuable sustainable legacy to coming generations.

If you were already on such a road, which is wonderful, you'll now have a new tool to spread your mood.

Both the Roadmap and all this introduction format should be seen as a journey...

Of which the destination can be determined by very you!

The time necessary to make it to the destination is also up to you.

You can determine both the destination and the time later along the way, however, 

for now, let's say the destination is where you/us become aware of your full capacity and potential to begin to activate it.

And the time it would take, we'll pretty much have an idea about it when we meet the conditions of Zone3.

There are 2 basic options in determining how to get involved in the Introduction that is indeed an essential component of the Roadmap;

1. Get The Vaccine Workbook and you'll automatically enter the jury -if you want- and you'll be eligible to receive some gifts or perks, at minimum for the value of how much you spent for the TVW.

2. Enter the jury, and enroll in the gift system if you came aboard with Min100 or higher.

Yes, you'll be able to  receive TVW as a gift.

Either way will help meet minimum two of three conditions required for Zone 3 as shown here.

Only together with the Introduction phase, consisting of various steps, zones, etc, The Roadmap will work best. So, The Roadmap's efficiency solely depend on how well its Introduction process is implemented.

  • The Roadmap will take you to future, lightning-fast! 

  • Roadmap is like a puzzle.

You’ll work on it forever! However, it is quite different since you’ll know the parts and you'll know exactly where, on the Roadmap, to put them! The puzzle is in how to be able to satisfy the requirements of them. This is the type of challenge we have to take! Especially considering we have to go thru various processes to fully get the subject parts first!


Parts: Models, formulas, units, etc. If you need/see some missing parts then you'll create that part and connect the dots / fill in the blank.

  • Roadmap is the way to 'actual' peace of mind.

  • Like we comb our hair with a comb [those of us who have some at least], Roadmap will help us comb our psychology, our brain cells and the components of our missions and visions. This will help with the harmony and the synergy within the individual whole (you as a person) first. 

  • The Roadmap aims at letting you first (after reviewing your agenda) dream the far end horizons of your vision (if you have one – otherwise it helps you have a vision first) and then simply helps you work on those horizons. -Yes, plural, horizons.

  • A bit about the Vaccine Workbook; you don't have to write in under all headings all at once, like, once you begin to take your notes in it under the related headings, you can leave some headings to a later time - even to a much later time if you are 'young'; or, regardless of your age, ask someone else to write under that heading which you presently don't have much to write under. You can sure form a group from your friends and work/write together! 

  • You can ask someone you know, who you consult with maybe as her or his outlook and general feedback about anything or any specific topic matters for you, to fill in the Vaccine Workbook. If she or he is a beloved senior ask her/him to go thru the Vaccine Workbook and write in it, work together and form a vision as a true legacy of her or him. 

  • After football, basketball, volleyball, etc, it is now time to play yellowball! Or just watch! We'll need The Vaccine Workbook and The Roadmap to start kicking the ball. No min or max requirement for number of players. Teams can be formed. The game lasts until we secure a good/better/best common future for all by realizing, and working on, all ends of the subject scope. 

  • Roadmap can be considered the play ground to play yellowball.



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