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There is chaos below.

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YOU are the key.


(Only a quick glance -even for the designer-  for a quick start.)

What do you want to call it? Graph Zero sounds good, too.

April 2023


Designer notes:

I don't know where that duck came from and what it is doing there but that's totally ok, given the whole scenery. At the end, come whoever you are, whatever you are. 5B is calling!

Please zoom out your display if the white horse rising on the Star Sustainability flag on the right hand side is out of your sight.

Anyway, it is impossible to write everything about what is in the graph, and what the graph is about, and what else you can do with this graph. The specifics simply amount to infinite! Now multiply that infinity with your imagination. Don't worry, you will not get lost, we'll come to all, one by one, and surround it all with 5B. Once you understand the graph's present look and how it is affiliated with YNI, you will better understand the new horizons it beholds for you to sail to!


With the yniversal graph handy, you will keep Reloading the Wisdom and further strengthen the 5B.

Both axises are mobile, that's to say somehow serving as a linear cursor; Which lets you go to anytime anywhere any topic any parameter by simply moving the axises. Thus it lets you zoom into any pixel, any time frame, in and around the graph, from any point of view but with 360 degrees look into focus zone, not necessarily to the time frame shown above. Even the YNI elements are mobile but only after you totally get what they are. Plus, with them in your pocket, you'll better look, and see, and you'll better take the graph to future, in fact to anywhere, from where it is left. Simply, and at minimum, draw an arrow, or an axis, from any element and connect it to anything, anytime, anywhere, any word! Connect it to your world first, for a start.


The graph visual above is just a very very rough one quickly done in two minutes (that's why it is quite unproportional) to give a very very general idea, and inspiration, basically about the philosophical evolution of the YNI, vs time; By setting/customizing the vertical axis(es) it will be both vs time and vs the parameter(s) you select for the axis. Yes, you'll be free to add a new axis, too, towards any direction. Or simply keep the vertical axis but assign and position as many parameters as possible on it. You're all free! The more parameters you upload, though, the best you make out of it. Once you grasp the ideas in the YNIVERSAL ELEMENTS you will definitely insert new axises and/or do other things. You will even have theme oriented time travels!

Horizontal axis is time, apparently. Vertical axis can be anything as explained above, yet, in addition, in the above graph it can represent, for example, the evolution of the YNI and/or its building blocks, at minimum. The more parameters you place on the vertical axis the better you understand the YNI. And/or, the more you understand the YNI the more parameters you'll plug in. Aside from YNI, but once you get the YNI, simply consider other stories to depict. 


From another perspective, for example, all YNI components are all aligned underneath each other along the vertical axis, as shown above. Year vs ynique building blocks; showing the order each element appeared. Think more and apply when, how, where, why, what else, etc, etc; they are all about how you set the vertical axis to enrich and strengthen your perspectives, not necessarily just about the YNI by the way. Feel free to insert any word, even a letter, and study it. Think free, mobilize your brain cells and your perspectives.

Once you get the YNI magic and understand its building blocks simply refresh your approach and try to see more! First relook and resee. Zoom in and zoom out the graph, play with the axises, etc, sky is the limit once you get the magic.

Long story short, the number of specifics amount to infinite. Above points out to some of it only. That's why it is Your New Infinity, in which you will not get lost but manage perfectly, and make the best out of it. That's the whole purpose of the YNI, anyway, and at the end to achieve the Star Sustainability Matrix surrounded with 5B!

First of its kind social intellectual wisdom vaccine, in the shape of a workbook and to serve as a basic Vision Checkup guide, got published in November 2020 and the rest followed, just as it says on the back cover of the workbook; "As you start to walk on the way, the way appears." Rumi

A lot was obvious then, already, but the YNI Star Roadmap, YNIVERSE, YNIVERSITY, ChatYNI, Wise Coffee, etc, were not around in November 2020! Likewise, The Vaccine was not around neither. The walk, the chase, just never stopped and all the elements stepped forward making themselves visible in the whole scope in such a chronology making everything finally settle perfectly in April 2023. The way now fully appeared! Once you understand all about the YNIVERSE, it will fully appear for you, too, and you'll simply embody it. Right now it may be a bit blurry just because you have not even done a basic Vision Checkup yet!

There is a very critical exchange with the AI in 2018, and we'll come to that later.

A 'compulsory' Vision Checkup session will help better begin to understand all above, you'll begin to feel the way first and make the best out of it. Only then it will make more sense and you'll be able to take the whole scope to new horizons in a wiser and more productive manner. Once you Vision Checkup and understand the YNI, it will simply serve as a milestone towards better. Above graph will  also serve as a canvas and/or story board, too, for you. Think yniversal! You are ynique!


R&D&A [Apply]

23 years to be exact.

Star Sustainability Matrix

Star Roadmap

to the summit!

1Y + 2P + 3C + 4I + 4E + 5B 

This equation is whole another infinite universe waiting to be unleashed!







(Positive Vocabulary Workshop)

Wisdom Vaccine


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