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Time for


And achieve a lot!

Roadmap is ready.

You'll just need to 'begin' to read + think + write, for a start, with a new star format!

The Vaccine 'Workbook', together with the STAR ROADMAP, is first of its kind;

An intellectual and social wisdom vaccine! To make everyone think and write. Only then we can make it to the summit. First better, then  to summit where the best is. We are already reading, thinking, speaking, writing, etc, anyway. So why not try a new format, detect new angles? Don't we need that, urgently?

The headings in the workbook will humbly guide for what to think about and what to write. If you can't locate a matching heading with what you have in mind to write, just add your heading and write there. This is vision checkup session, for all generations! Please check out, too.

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Short clip, 2D, for the 

long and awesome scenario, big'n deep,

and with unlimited D!

Zone 1: Everyone* does some homework, some sort of a SWOT analysis, alone or as a group, included in the Vaccine Workbook. Holding positive vocabulary workshops, as often as possible, is critical, as it 

is also the best ice breaker ever.

Zone 2: Everyone works towards the +mode. [Jury formation and 'growth with state of the art challenges' zone for social entrepreneurs, business entrepreneurs, NGOs, investors, policy makers, etc.] Those who get the Vaccine Workbook will have priority in applications to enter the Jury and can nominate 9 others to take place in the jury with them. You can form your own jury, too, without any limitation, recruit as many people as you want. Just ask them their positive vocabulary, environmental awareness topics, and their favorite environmental NGOs. 


Zone 3: Everyone grasps the idea of +mode with the help of the super formula and thoroughly get used to +mode mood.

Zone 4: Everyone personalizes the Renaissance 4.0.

Zone 5: Final touches… Everyone, having experienced the whole process and with the new upgraded active mindset, looks for new horizons and summits. (You will know how to start where to start because you not only have tons of other  social+business+life experience from your own actions and observations, but also you learnt and experienced new perspectives along the Roadmap. Besides you now have a fantastic new network to cooperate with.)

*Everyone in our reach, directly or indirectly, so yes, just everyone. |  Let's inspire everyone. Let's activate everyone. Let's advance with everyone. Let's make it to the summit with everyone. We can change the world, only with everyone.


It is +MODE time

for everyone!

In the most sophisticated way.

For a better future.*

And for the highest Wisdom Footprint!

* Better Future is only possible if you pitch into some sort of a real action with new age perspectives. Better Future is a vast scope, of course, but better start fresh from somewhere, spread the mood, and that's it. From education to business, governance,

social life, personal development, etc, all such major fields will get a better status only if you're actively involved, and if you have a well designed system handy, to work with, or just to take as a reference point to gain new perspectives, or to refer to when you feel such a need.

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Isn't it time to begin to work on yOUR Wisdom Footprint,
and do whatever it takes to maximize it? It is just a process!

The very first thing to do is to review yOUR agenda, that is comprised of everything that goes thru our active visions and actions...

The Vaccine Workbook will help with that review.

Then comes the 



On which we'll connect the dots, fill in the blanks, and achieve a lot more! Star Roadmap is the only visionary and practical way to unleash and manage the synergy... Both within yourself, your very own capacity and also with all other everything and everybody outside.

  • Vaccine Workbook's goal is to serve as an intellectual sort of vaccine... So maybe it deserves to be called a SuperVac! It is a power vaccine to prepare for the Roadmap though, a roadmap quite challenging indeed.

  • You can consider using the Vaccine Workbook to write your messages to present younger generations as well. And to future generations, too.

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The Vaccine workbook for the Roadmap
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What to do with the Vaccine Workbook list is quite a long one, limitless actually, and we will discuss them all during the processes, however, this one is only one of the most critical ones: Go thru each heading and write down who you consider is a Role Model active in the scope of that heading. And why not let her or him know about the Vaccine Workbook, and ask if she or he could write in it, too?! (If she or he wants then another vaccine will be prepared from that copy with her/his notes in it.) Actually, suggest the Vaccine to everyone and tell them to write! Say this is about our common future!

All this project started 10+ years ago with the name Super Human Project... Super Formula, an 'idealist' entrepreneurship model, was the first outcome. Then many other models, formulas, dimensions, elements, etc, followed and they first formed the Renaissance 4.0 then converted to the Roadmap where the super formula became the heart of the whole system. The Vaccine Workbook and the Wisdom Footprint are the newest members of the Roadmap family. I don't think I will realize a new dimension again soon to work on, I hope I won't, so that's it; Roadmap made its presently ultimate level.

We are going to make YOU a role model, too, sure in some way you are already. Why not now gain some new perspective to taste new horizons and summits? And polish your potential a little?

We'll come to all other purposes the Vaccine Workbook can be functional with. Most briefly;

A Socioeconomic, Cultural, and Intellectual Vaccine for all missions and visions... For all of you! For any cause!

Global Brainstorming, right on time, right as it has to be, starting right from the brain and the intellect you house! 

As we perfectly managed to come up with the term CARBON FOOTPRINT, we have to be able to put forward the WISDOM FOOTPRINT, too.


The Roadmap has five basic zones. We can relate that to the five traditional senses we have. So it's like we are  building the basic senses of our visions...

Vaccine Workbook in Zone 1; helps have a solid sense of the agenda you presently have. Think of it like a quiz, homework, or a SWOT analysis to become aware of yOUR existing intellect and knowledgebase. 

Jury Formation in Zone 2; helps spreading the mood with solid practices: Entrepreneurship (Social + Business + Philosophical). Those who got the Vaccine W will have priority in applying to enter the jury, and they can nominate 9 other people to bring aboard with them. Normally it was supposed to cost 1 USD/Euro/GBP pp to reserve a seat in the Jury, however, as the arrival of the Vaccine Workbook the procedure evolved, too; In a way honoring those who do some homework for our common future.

  • Feel free to build your own jury with full control. One of a kind initiative for celebrities, influencers, social/business/political leaders, all organizations, NGOs, to change the world with their fans! Jury members will need to be sharing their Positive Vocabulary, 'environmental' Awareness Topics, and Favorite 'environmental' NGOs. You'll need a passionate team to work with to change the world anyway, so think of it like you're building that team. Not necessarily this specific project but you will be working together on all other projects you see fit for a better future.

Zone 2 will also function as a PR/Marketing/Reachout zone for entrepreneurs, NGOs, and companies. Begin to think of what kind of gifts and/or advantages you'd love to provide to the pioneer jury? 

Min two of three challenges to be knocked down, too, in Zone 2, to learn all about the super magic formula, at minimum, for +MODE and open the door of the Zone 3.

  • Vaccine Workbook is bestseller.

  • Minimum 1 million jury member is secured.

  • YNI Roadmap makes it to unicorn valuation.

You can work on each challenge alone or as a group. By simply getting the Vaccine Workbook you are not only making the first step to review yOUR agenda but also helping overcome a challenge. You can alone help totally knock down a challenge, too. E.g. Order the history's first social/intellectual vaccine in substantial amounts, hand it out to students, or to anybody you prefer, and we'll recruit jury members from among them... We are not there yet but working on those technical details will be fun!  ​

​+MODE in Zone 3 helps review the agenda and the Vaccine Workbook with a new perspective.

Renaissance 4.0 in Zone 4 serves as a new base to be introduced to new horizons and summits. +MODE in  Renaissance 4.0 is priceless. You will believe your eyes.

Zone 5 helps with final touches to your vision for your individual future and our common future. And of course, you can name your vision freely!

This above set of processes, all together, is simply about vision and action plan design/implementation. How else can we possibly change/save the world, secure the future of humanity 'on earth' first, and urgently?

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Plug'n Play Roadmap with 23 years long R&D&A [Apply]

YNI stands for Your New Ism, which you are free to name it freely after you know all about the Roadmap. By studying the workbook and thinking/writing in it you are personalizing the Roadmap in advance, and in fact each personalized process is a new ism, that's to say, a new vision, a new resolution, a new medicine, a new solution, a new vaccine, a new ambition, a new goal, a new milestone, a new agenda, a new action plan, etc.

Just run the Roadmap, name it, and go! Think free, name it Mission Impossible #1 for example. Design a challenge, call it #2; Set a goal, or goals, in diverse fields and simply design the path, with the Roadmap, to achieve it! May it be a career goal, or a social, humanitarian, environmental.. Anything. You can simply consider the word 'ism' of "Your New Ism" as a strong metaphore!

That's to say, for example, I used the same Roadmap while designing, in fact realizing, Ozgurism. They were both there already, but both of them made themselves visible during the processes, while simply always trying to see beyond and working on beyond. Everything I made a word of so far, the Vaccine Workbook and all, is just to help embody the whole vision&action scope I came up with, in the most productive, useful, and practical way so that you will thoroughly understand it, grasp the idea, and take everything to new horizons while just reviewing and upgrading your present agenda for a better future.

When was the last time you did a SWOT analysis of yOUR capacity, potential? Have you ever done anyway? It is time, and this is how, from a new angle. This is the type of great reset that should be talked about and worked on.

'Conventional' does not seem to do much for us, it will not take us anywhere.

We have to make new actions conventional.

This is what Great Reset should stand for. Not just remote working...


Achieve a lot!

With the YNI Star Roadmap,

Become a doctor of your own vision. Make it to a status with the highest wisdom footprint!

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