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Maximum Wisdom

Would you like to have a roadmap which will help increase yOUR wisdom footprint?

How about utilizing the same roadmap to discover unique horizons and achieve many other great things, planned or unplanned? As side wins? In fact, those side wins will be the actual outcomes, they are the real deal, and they will lead the way(s) to maximum wisdom.

We 'proudly' did our best, and still doing, to come up with a term called 'carbon footprint' and we look quite decisive to bequeath it to next generations along with a variety of mess. 

So, long story short, let's leave behind a neatly programmed, and sustainable, system, too, to ensure maximum potential wisdom footprint, not only to lower the carbon footprint to minimum, but also to +MODE* our agendas*. The system will also serve as a methodology to help next generations sustain the struggle more effectively. We created the problem, we have to be offering a solution plan, too. A working and active solution plan!

* Agenda: The sum of what we think, say, write, speak, do, dream, plan, etc.

* +MODE : Upgrading our agenda to a healthier state.




ıs the only way!

w/ 10+ years long r&d&A behınd


 Y N I V E R S E 

YNI Star Roadmap consists of the following, at minimum,

to take us all to the maximum.

  • The Vaccine Workbook

The first and only social/intellectual vaccine of all times! A multifunctional workbook to write in. Think'n Write. That's the only way to activate it anyway.

It is comprised of the major headings/components for you to think on and write under. Subject components are the main building blocks of the Star Roadmap and they are positioned in harmony along the Roadmap. So, yes, the workbook's goal is to serve as some sort of an intellectual vaccine, to let you develop other vaccines when you see fit. 


The Vaccine Workbook can be functional in many ways for many purposes, which should be discovered by the reader+thinker+writer. However, the very first one is to let you, and all of us, to discover new horizons and new summits in our agendas, and see beyond, make the first eye contact with the beyond. You can also consider it a SWOT Analysis not only to review your so far built intellectual asset but also to prepare for the Star Roadmap.


If we take the word 'wise' as a keyword, for example, you can go thru each heading and write down what 'present or in some cases not yet present' thoughts, words, actions, etc, can be considered wise within each heading's scope. You can categorize at the same time, e.g. a) Thoughts, words, actions that you possess, b) you'd love to possess, c) you observe, d) you dream of, e) you recommend, f) you deem urgent.

The only way to summarize what roles the Vaccine Workbook can play would be this:

The Vaccine Workbook and ____________________. 


You can fill in the blank freely!

In fact;

Why not begin to make a list of all the words present in your knowledgebase? Not necessarily the ones you most use. You can later categorize as you wish. So once you have your list ready you'll simply +MODE it with the Vaccine Workbook and the Star Roadmap. You will take that specific  word, or the complete list, to new horizons and to new heights! They deserve it, too!


Yes, the Roadmap may also serve as a word mapping tool; Idea mapping, contact mapping, vision mapping, future mapping, etc, any mapping is possible!

Doing everything that we can to maximize our Wisdom Footprint must be the primary action when it comes to Great Reset! Only then it is great reset.

  • Positive Vocabulary Workshop

We are going to prepare the first and only common positive vocabulary for the humanity. So it would be great if you could hold as many positive vocabulary workshops as possible.

  • Skill Management and Enhancement

Star Roadmap is all about action and implementation, and on the side, all social, technical, academic, professional, artistic, etc, skills will be poked at max to regenerate and further flourish.​

  • Super Magic Formula

Some headings/components will unite to form the Super Magic Formula, which is a model, a super idealist entrepreneurship model that can be used in countless areas for various purposes.​ It showed itself as the first product of the Super Human Project, then became the heart of the Star Roadmap.

  • +MODE

We will need the Super Magic Formula to upgrade to +MODE.​

  • Renaissance 4.0

R4.0 is whole another free world but needless to say, it is also intertwined with all other components.​

  • Social Entrepreneurship

  • Business Entrepreneurship

  • Philosophical Entrepreneurship

  • Political Entrepreneurship

  • Super Human Project

100% organic! No cyborg or anything like that. All this actually started as a Super Human Project and the super magic formula was the first outcome. After a series of transformation it all evolved to the Roadmap and the formula became the heart of it.

  • Cogrowth

Grow Together. Growth for all​.

  • Become a Yellowball Coach

Grasp the magic of the Star Roadmap, and just spread the mood!​ Yellowball Coach acts as a change catalyst when necessary. Presently 24/7 necessary given the circumstances, also due to Global Warming for example.


  • Get a Global Citizen & World Rescue Officer certificate

YNI StarRoadmap
Agenda at Max

Quickly about the Zones of the Roadmap, btw 00:05 - 00:15.

Zone 1: Write in the Vaccine Workbook, alone or with friends or as a group;

Zone 2: Apply to enter the pioneer jury for free along with nominating 9 others to come aboard with you; You can form your own jury, too, without any limitation. THE MORE THE MERRIER! 

Zone 3: Design your +mode with the help of the super magic formula;

Zone 4: Learn all about the Renaissance 4.0 and +mode the R4.0;

Zone 5: Make eye contact with the summit; Keep up the great work with further connecting the dots and filling in the blanks, do some final great touches, and that’s it! Your brand new vision with action NOW plan will fully clarify right in front of yOUR eyes in the most solid, visible, and communicable format. During the process, as of right now, you will be implementing the action plan anyway. Action plan’s, and the whole process's foremost goal at minimum is to urge you have a solid positive vocabulary, a solid list of awareness topics on environment, and a solid list of your favorite environmental NGOs. Sky is the limit at maximum. And simply spread the mood in between minimum and maximum.

Clip 'nMore
Those who get the Vaccine Workbook and study it will have priority in applications to enter the pioneer jury. Some great conditions may apply. They will also qualify to enroll in the gift system and they will be able to nominate 9 people to come along with them on board for free. 
Jury formation process is long story, we'll need to revisit later more thoroughly, yet, it will serve as a basis for COGROWTH and for many other spectacular
phenomena. If you are an entrepreneur, or an NGO, especially, you will love the jury process. You will love the whole process I'm sure!
What kind of great things, in addition to above, can you do with the Vaccine Workbook?
It will serve the purpose better if you discover in what ways the Vaccine Workbook can be functional, however, just to name a few only, and to give you some idea about this not so common kind of vaccine;
+ Have a new agenda to think on, and/or to go thru next time you meet with your friends.
+ Determine where to start to change the world.
+ Gain new perspectives. Or design new perspectives. 
+ Review your network and write down who you know active under each heading.
+ Make a SWOT analysis, or an inventory, of whole you.
+ Try to guess which headings attract to each other and form the Super Magic Formula for the +MODE.
+ Think of what would be wise to think, speak, write, do, under each heading re its related scope.
+ Ask your professor, role model, someone you admire, to write in the Vaccine Workbook and share her or his views, experiences, life/career advices. 
+ List your positive vocabulary, and hold positive vocabulary workshops with others.
+ Use the Vaccine Workbook and/or the positive vocabulary workshop as a ice breaker.
+ Think and make a note of the existing problems you observe related to each heading and try to see the interaction/network between different problems/headings.
+ And why not design a potential problem likely to occur, too, within the scope of each heading? Please think of a solution, too, or how to prevent that problem...
Remember, above list includes only a little portion of the whole list. What can be though+spoken+done+dreamt with the Vaccine Workbook and the Roadmap, although the basics are valid for everyone and for every case, is limitless, may vary slightly according to some demographics, too, like age group, profession, topic of social interest, career goal, life goal, etc. Yet, they will arrive at the same common destination good for all; Highest wisdom footprint possible. 
E.g. The Vaccine Workbook can be functional both for a teacher and a student, however, the way they utilize may differ. Same goes for any profession or academic field.
Good thing is that each person, each field, each subject, will enhance the Star Roadmap towards a better future with a higher wisdom footprint.

First of its kind social/intellectual vaccine in the form of a workbook! It only activates when you think and write! Activates more when you think more!

It is time to become 'a whole' one, both as an individual, and as a society, and as humanity, with everything at the right place in the right way. There was a lot missing, but now there is nothing missing, especially re how!


A Vision Checkup is a must indeed, at minimum, urgently. And the Vaccine Workbook will help with that, too. See the building blocks of your vision, and determine which ones are left alone. Make sure there is a balance and harmony within your vision. Only then your wisdom footprint will tend to rise.

The Vaccine Workbook aims at assisting you with a thorough Vision Checkup. It is all up to you to determine how to make the best out of it. If you get the Vaccine Workbook and do some study around it you'll have priority to apply for pioneer jury for free and be eligible to have a seat in the wise pioneer Jury! You'll be able to promote your favorite environmental NGOs and your awareness topics, too, along with nominating 9 others as well to come aboard with you. First of its kind Vision with Action Now plan towards the highest Wisdom Footprint for all, with all.

a magıc wand to sımply fıx thıngs, or a well desıgnated
&accessıble &practıcal roadmap for everyone?

latter one seems to be a wıser option.

At least until you invent 'or locate' a magic wand.
ps: All above is a portion of the whole scope only. Initial baby steps into the action plan for the best future.
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Do you have a comprehensive method in use to 'really' change the world? To spread the mood? Or to make an actual and sustainable impact?
Did you get the Vaccine Workbook?

2YES: Perfect. 1YES: Still perfect.

Thank you for your message. Stay well, and wise!

© 2021, YNI Star Roadmap, All rights reserved.


Further Notes on Wisdom


Indeed we are

Roadmap is ready if you want to change yOUR diet.

If you or someone has a magic wand it may sure do the job. Otherwise, working on a roadmap seems to be a wiser choice. Especially while the plug'n play roadmap is readily at your disposal.


Time to gather wisdom

A lot to say on this wisdom free ‘ness but briefly;

  • Lack of a methodology for the society to use to gather wisdom;

  • Lack of leadership/pioneership;

  • Lack of a methodology to use for the potential leadership/pioneership.

So wouldn't that be great to have something handy that would help realize and gather wisdom?! Something to poke that part of the brain and the soul associated with ‘wisdom’, and to make wisdom default element in every day agendas. Something like a formula, or a model, methodology, or a new kind of a game, or something like a vaccine but not like the vaccine vaccine more like an intellectual type of vaccine, would help a lot.

​The best, I believe, would be a super combination of all above and all thinkables and doables with various active perspectives and ready to run action plans neatly positioned on some sort of a roadmap for everyone. That would be the NEW COOL.


Who on earth would think of developing such a roadmap, let alone apply it simultaneously, or at least a start point instead of a complete roadmap to serve simply as a basic start point?! While a roadmap or a start point obviously became the very first urgent need for everyone. Something that will evolve to a basic systematic helping how to start, where to start, how to sustain, where and how to think write do...

Which university, which discipline, which company, which professor, which department, which student, which teacher, which ngo, which organization, which entrepreneur, which professional, which CEO, which person, which one of you, which politician, which leader, which community, which country, on earth, would allocate resources at minimum or by all means, and bring together teams with interdisciplinary structure, hire professionals and work on making a nonexisting roadmap existent? A roadmap to be enriched by every person, by every discipline, by every anything and sure to be agreed on by all mentioned parties.

So yes, thank goodness, above mentioned stage can simply be bypassed just like that! What to do, how to do, where to start, who to think and work with, etc, is no longer an issue at all… The stage consisting of ‘beginning’ to think about designing a detailed and comprehensive methodology, roadmap, which ensures every single person’s and all institutions’ involvement, can be left behind by simply jumping to implementation of the existing plug'n play Roadmap. The state of the art one of a kind methodology, the Roadmap, is housing all the necessary perspectives and the action plans. Besides, it will be taken to new horizons and new summits by everyone and by every new input.

Time to wisdom check all yOUR thoughts, words, opinions, plans, dreams, actions, etc. Everything. E V E R Y T H I N G .

That's the only way to maximize our wisdom footprint! All variety of information we gathered all these years, and the knowledgebase, experiences, observataions we stored within us so far, will help. And thanks to the Roadmap, all above scope will be the easiest and most fun process. And sure the most inclusive you've ever seen.

Let's begin. Roadmap is ready.


Knowledge is always subordinate to wisdom

Vaccine Workbook, together with the Roadmap, will help review our knowledge and surround it with wisdom from all sides. Given the circumstances, it seems to be the only way. This is yOUR call indeed.

We'll need to do our best to express well with our actions

It’s time to change the way it is then, at least a little change, re the difficulty with communicating and teaching the wisdom. Apparently it would be excellent to be able communicate it so that it will be easier for us all to increase the wisdom footprint of the humanity. And we'll start the increase from ourselves, then simply spread the mood.

The only way, apparently, to find wisdom and live it, do wonders through it, and yes, to communicate it, would be to designate a scenario, or become more aware of a presently active scenario, in which we’ll review the present thoughts, words, actions, plans, dreams, knowledges, etc, and along the way we’ll only try to understand the wisdom in them and around them, and just try to get a solid sense of it.

Wherever we sense it strongly we’ll focus all thoughts words and actions there to embody that sense; it will sure bring out other great outcomes and gainings. This is the most, and only, sensational way to poke and boost yOUR senses for utmost productivity with wisdom.

Since the wisdom, when thought about it, usually shows itself thru perspectives and outcomes, indirectly, on the side the way to wisdom will also be embodied with the help of those processes, outcomes and the gainings, at least all will be converted to a format that makes it easy to communicate it, and/or to help others get close to it. So we’ll try to understand and communicate it deliberately with solid phenomenons.

{The Vaccine Workbook and the Roadmap scope’s goal is to be instrumental in this whole set of complex looking most basic processes. At least to serve as a start point.}

Then, above mentioned focusing can be applied to all other parts in need of attention. A priority list could help with the ones needing urgent attention at the top of the list. E.g. Global warming.

So thus by time everywhere in your agenda and everywhere on the Roadmap will be flourished, making the whole Roadmap a vibrant source of wisdom and wisdom entrepreneurship, helping everyone and every organization maximize their wisdom footprint in all kinds of entrepreneurship they exhibit in social, business, policy making, etc.


Let's be better

Third thursday of every November marks the World Philosophy Day!

This piece from Bertrand Russell came right on time. []

All 4 items and all about the scope have to be deeply studied, but quickly re #4, where he says "Through philosophy, our finite minds can taste the infinite".

The Roadmap, for the maximum wisdom footprint, although it is not just about philosophy (maybe it is far at the base by all means), is sure a lot about what Russell has pointed out, too, and with right to the point solid practices with instant impact and progress. I did not start this project years ago by saying ‘ok let me do some philosophy’. I was always and totally inspired by real life events, hands on experiences, first hand observations; I simply added my own pure ‘absolutely norm free’ views, evaluations, approaches, thoughts, words, rules to the mix and they all together formed the Roadmap.

A lot, more than all you can imagine, evolved during the process, and a variety of formulas, models, zones, challenges, etc, came aboard... Finally the Roadmap made itself fully visible and it reached out to its present status with the recent addition of the Vaccine Workbook and the Wisdom Footprint concept. Yes, Wisdom Footprint happened to be the most recent element that came aboard... At minimum, and in worst case scenario, they will all serve to convert Russell’s point to a real life experience that is a must experience indeed. All this and his point should not be just left alone by saying ‘hmmm ja, he said well’ and continuing without taking any single action at all. That would not be wise!

The Roadmap can help make solid practices on Russell’s offerings, besides, it can lead the way to other great horizons and gain. Better start off for the summit, and test Russell’s point on the way!

Minds rendered great… That’s indeed what we need.


Know yOUR agenda

Sooner we really know ourselves and become aware of the true capacity and potential, sooner we begin to enjoy the smell and taste of wisdom.

Knowing ourselves starts with knowing our agendas, that is comprised of our thoughts, words, actions, dreams, plans, etc. Vaccine Workbook will humbly try to help you with that, at minimum; at maximum, even the sky is not the limit.


Inquire asap

Vaccine Workbook and the Roadmap will be handy during the inquiry...

Some various notes from The Vaccine author Ozgur Madak

ozgurmadak1 (10).png

Renaissance 4.0 |2018

We must be entrepreneurs in all aspects of our lives… If not physically, mentally! And yet that mental will sure find its way to practice, if not by you by someone else or by us all for sure! We must unleash every bit of the potential our brain and soul host. We definitely don’t have the right to ignore the possibility of doing this, let alone complaining about things which we can do a lot about.

Re ‘aspects’ mentioned above;

Some base aspects are included in the Vaccine Workbook. Some more will either be designed or will be discovered along the Roadmap. You, alone and/or with your friends, will discover more during all the processes. You will be able to design new not yet existent aspects you see fit, too.

Re entrepreneurship;

Very long story but briefly: Social entrepreneurship, business entrepreneurship, philosophical entrepreneurship, political entrepreneurship… All in one, all in harmony, all on the Roadmap.

[Renaissance 4.0 is to become a whole one, not just one. And it is strategically located in Zone 4 on the Roadmap. Zone 1, 2 and 3 will help grasp the magic and soul of the Roadmap. Once internalized, you'll take the whole scope to new heights in Zone 4, and we'll make it to new summits.]

[Meanwhile logo evolved a while ago.]

ozgurmadak1 (12).png

Why not? |2014

It’s all about raising those question marks, and more importantly working on the answers. Why not take the challenge that passes thru your mind? Why not do what you think? Why not say what you think? Why not take a different path? Why not go out of your routine and out of the society’s routine? Why not make a difference in anything that became your routine? Why not look beyond and see more than obvious? Why not change the way you think and say and do? Why not make new friends? Why not speak with foreigners? Why not smile at anyone around you? Why not think big and take small steps towards it and learn/discover more during the journey? Why not try for better? Why not bring new perspectives, ask different questions? Why not just ask questions, and seek answers? Why not think and design your own dreams? Why not become more inclusive, why not give more, why not share more? Why not poke all the cells in the brain and use them for what they are for? Why not ‘consciously’ think and take responsibility of what you think, instead of leaving the responsibility to others? Bla bla bla 

ozgurmadak1 (9).png

Head exploding  |2014

Draft outline almost complete...Have been thinking and working for a long time on it, i mean years; almost became a thinker! And I've been trying to come up with a brand name / title for...for something that is in fact fantastic but a bit hard and time consuming to explain now, so you'll hear more about it later. I was about to ask for your feedback re name, however, i may no longer need to because i think i found it! Ozgurism!  which will also be the name of the 'interactive' book with subtitles like enthusiasm | idealism | models4rolemodels...or something like that. There will be a lot in it & you will have the chance to add to it; that will make each copy more precious and unique! You will see and feel and live the change, because you will be right in the center of the change. I hope these lines sound highly unreasonable! |art:SalvadorDali's Raphaelesque Head Exploding|

ozgurmadak1 (13).png

Break free from your mold |2014

Maybe it is saying; You (as an individual, as a society, etc) are ‘in fact’ ‘almost’ free, run backwards (thinking you are moving forward), fit in some molds, and there stand still – halt! (stop thinking forward & moving forward..progress ends..freedom ends)


April 2020. 

I absolutely was not meaning and pointing out the present Covid-19 ‘still-halt’, but present halt is probably because of the halt I tried to depict thru this visual and my side note.

Or maybe -in fact actually- the present case made the general case totally visible in a very harsh way. If you stop 'your vision-outlook-angle-chase, upon fulfilling a mold, and all this set is not perfectly designed allowing you and itself to continue to develop, you stop, everything stops, everybody stops, life stops. If you don’t (try to) understand, if you don’t (try to) care, if you don’t (try to) continue to pursue, if you don't (try to) take initiative, if you ignore, you come to a point where there is no means left to ignore but stop at home.

What were the critical neglecteds (-make a list-), what were ignoreds (-make a list-) during all these years, at least during your lifetime up until now.

At least fill out the blanks here for a simple start.. I made this sentence up more than a decade ago:

“While trying to do great for ……..... I’ve done nothing for ……........” So that it can be the first step to ‘philosoph’ on at what points, and how, the balance got unbalanced. Feel free to make a list for each blank.

Stay well…Take care…Be cautious.

And let's break free from yOUR 'halt' in a proper and perfect way.. Both this halt and the general one.

...... All language is but a poor translation, as Kafka said.

ozgurmadak1 (6).png

My philosophy

Below follows my philosophy in simple wording...It makes me feel good when I can exactly express what goes thru my mind, so I remember I felt happy when I wrote this piece almost a decade ago..

first discover, then it’s up to you…

It’s about discovering your potential, and then deciding what to do with it for your community and for the humanity. In case of conflict, remember, that the humanity’s future is our community’s future, which is in fact our very own individual future.

Discovering your potential best works when you seriously work on what you want or on what needs to get better. So what do you really want? What do you think that needs to get better? Start working on it. Show you are different. Show you can bring totally new and functional perspectives. Become a milestone. Don’t get lost in routine…

So; Are you an initiator? A motivator? An energizer? A leader? A renovator? A dreamer, who ‘izz’ working on realizing the dreams -not just dreaming? A developer? An improver? An achiever? Or a complainor!?-hopefully not! Sure at least one of the above you are…yes, you are! See it, put it in action, act with others:
”Get involved, YOU can change the world”. |

ozgurmadak1 (1).png

For there is always light, ...  |2021

"For there is always light, if only we’re brave enough to see it. If only we’re brave enough to be it." Amanda Gorman []

This Youth is going to climb all the hills present.

They will even create non-existing ones and climb them.

A determined youth with a vision in action in cooperation with the whole world is what the humanity needs. Hopefully the new term in the US will be great for both the Youth and the Humanity. Best of success to all to ensure local&global peace and harmony everywhere by all means. 

ozgurmadak1 (5).png

Life |2016

What is the definition of life? I'll try to give a humble answer...

I think, putting everything into notation - I mean everything, every single thought, word, action, all feelings, everything that happens or happened, or anything that have not yet happened, not yet thought; putting them all into words, into a vision, into an end product, into a melody, is life! Then to musical notes and maybe actually making a music out of it, is life! Every music, every song, every single stage you have left behind or you will embrace in the future, with smiles or with tears, is life! If you dance while listening to that music or while creating a vision, then that’s something else, and in fact, that is life!

First, creating a vision; Second, swimming/dancing in that vision; Third, sharing the vision... is life!

Maybe, all above, is only a very little portion of life, and in fact perhaps it is just the beginning! And it deserves such a magnificent beginning so indeed fulfill the above descriptions regardless!

Ps: Sorry if you got lost between lines, I kinda did!, but tried to do my best to recap my mind for an hour in the middle of the night pals...

ozgurmadak1 (4).png

What else can spread? |2020

What else can spread? (Scientific version of karma)

My brief intro:

Sometimes, usually at very specific required moments -not necessarily re covid-19 case;

You read something, just by ‘coincidence’, may it be a ‘simple’ short quote or something longer, and bang - you are transformed, or something in your mind perfectly settles, or it finds its perfect spot in your mind and agenda, or it helps you back the idea (and action) you have in your mind / agenda with a solid something like knowledge or people alike or science or bla bla, and most importantly, it helps you keep going. It happened to me many times, countless times. So, taking the opportunity, this note is brought together.

Anyways.. Here is what I read today:

You should read it, too, meet Eric, and check out his blog. Beware, you can spend the whole night there.

ozgurmadak1 (2).png

Read, yes, but also write |2020

Here is a quick summary of how YOU can initiate - foresee - manage - think about 'change in progress' in the simplest form, while you are at home.

Also my must perspective, to recap, for our common future and the humanity, in order to help transform from thought of change to action of change.

Also since nowadays 'change' is talked of a lot by all means but without a solid offer for how and in what way...

• Needless to say my notes are not criticizing any practice or anybody but just some humble reviews for the general situation that has to be analyzed by everyone for the general case get better -in general. At least slightly better...

My notes below can also help with making more productive readings, to gain in return, more solid and actionable and sustainable outcomes that would lead to more conscious and continuous use for everybody including, as well, those who are not reading.


Maybe it is time to write rather than read. If you are writing already that's great. Write about what we have learnt so far from out of everything we have 'read, heard, saw, talked, learnt, experienced, thought, been taught'.
{Let's call this set1.}

Write, what specific, and solid outcomes {set2} we got and how and at what level we applied them in real life and what problems we solved (temporarily/permanently) with it.

Is the problem actually solved? Write what kind of cornerstones they became, if they did, and how they served at micro and macro level. Define your micro and macro. Define their relation. How macro is your macro? Or did they just help you 'normalize' and get more comfortable and settle better in the framework of a 'normal' everyday status of a lifetime you are trying to catch up and comfortably fit in? Define that status. Write whether, and when, you forgot to apply what you learnt, how long after you read or learnt it.

Write what they (set1 and set2) changed in other people's lives. Write whether they helped with a better and great now and common future for the humanity along with personal individual future, if yes how, if not why not.

Write what kind of a methodology you are following to make the best out of set1 and add to set2. Are you following any system - would you recommend it to other people? Write whether it worked well so far and whether set 2 from out of your set1 is just great, significant, convincing, fully satisfying and sustainable.

Maybe it is time to read our mind and our soul and our potential, too, first, thoroughly, from a new angle and also write during the process while trying to discover just one step ahead, or far beyond, before we further delay, to ensure no single critical potential is neglected in any way but continuously kept at their maximum active turned on status.

Maybe it is time to open a parenthesis and insert a new vision, a new angle, a new point of view, and then close the parenthesis if you want, or if you can, and continue accordingly.
Writing along the way is essential.

Maybe it's been ages since we got out of the caves but perhaps we apparently left our full potential behind on the stone coffee table. Or maybe the cave couldn't stand the farewell and sneaked into our brains and visions. Or maybe the cave changed form, and got bigger, comfortable and more luxurious and we call it progress along with some other comfort zone comforting comfortable comfortings.

Last but not least...maybe it is time to write what we are really doing and what we are going to do with set1, review set2, determine -and write- what is in them for other people and for our common future, and how (whether) it can evolve to a unique and tangible and practical vision {What is your present vision? Can you briefly describe it, can you do better than how you've been doing?} which can set an example or a model for yourself and for others.

Then write our own book simply by bringing these notes together, and including some extra paragraphs about what we understand from various expressions like,
common future,
growth, etc,
and continue, together, more enlightened more conscious more 'solid intention and solid/productive result' oriented towards wherever we are going, wherever we want to arrive as humanity.

Bla bla bla re in order to be able to come to that point where our outlook and agenda will be enhanced at maximum allowing us do more perfect as individuals, as community, and most importantly, as humanity... only then we should feel truly and comfortably content with all our successes and with our agenda (complete set of what we are thinking speaking writing doing etc) without a question mark.

Last but no least, without writing, no progress happens. If you want change, you have to write.

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New age gratitude declaration |2014

14.7.14 New Age Gratitude Declaration: At the beginning of a new age (not only as birth age but also the new age during which humanitarian and spiritual values will be strengthened, minds will be illuminated, reality of the power of love will be realized); Having a great name like Ozgur, meaning freedom, independence, liberty; Having the feeling of being a global/universal citizen of the unity and who belongs to and tries to contribute to one’ity; My deepest gratitude goes to all those glorious souls who gave up from their lives on the earth for us +all of us+ for our existence and for our freedom and for a free independent country, and to those who created the most idealistic, quality and charismatic conditions on the basis of ‘Peace at home, Peace in the world’ with an advanced mindset and mentality aiming a free ‘upgraded’ modern life style ready for us to utilize while pursuing our ideals freely, and to those who not only brought me to this freedom but also named me after it, and raised me free…impossible to pay you back. Gratitude to them, and to you all, too, for touching my life and reserving your place in my dash  +Thanks to Mark guy too for helping us stay connected.

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World Rescue, Rehabilitation, and Sustainability Program |2020

Look at this marvellous anti-corona & post-trauma graph in most beautiful colors and shapes!

Goal is set. Roadmap is ready.

Renaissance 4.0 is the way; World Rescue, Rehabilitation, and Sustainability Program

I did this page last year, or maybe even before that I can’t remember. The content is only a bit of the philosophical and solid result of my related work I can say. Results I’ve managed to sum up as a whole towards 'what to do for a better common future', in order to urge everyone to do more than talk, to be frankly speaking.

I didn’t touch the graph or anything, or made any change or updated any content recently, even a letter, due to present discussions around corona. So, I mean, it ‘s a bit about the ongoing conversations around the present and post pandemic psychology and the general situation. In fact it is not a bit about it, it is the heart of it, 100%, and more of it…

You talk about ‘change’ but do you have, or know, any suggested action plan, a most simple roadmap, for post-covid19? Are you thinking about creating a roadmap while you can't go on a road? Who will work on it, and bring it to you for your review? Can you describe the change you expect? Is it enough just to expect, is that all you can do?

Renaissance 4.0 gained a new name recently: World Rescue, Rehabilitation, and Sustainability Program.

+Making you and every single person, yes, every single person regardless of any demographic, a certified World Rescue Officer, for free!

+No more endless analysis or discussions and pointless arguments letting you lose the point, and sure lose the future too!

+Time for Plug&Play action plan for those who want to.

Upon seeing the whole scope and becoming a proud World Rescue Officer after completing the basics you can pick a focus area and continue to work, or even pursue BSc, MSc or PhD… Or urge a young guy or a student to do so. That is long run so we’ll get into that later.

As we are having enough graphs from corona data worrying us all, or stock market graphs if there was no virus case around, I thought this graph would light a different spark in one of your brain cells and possibly give a strong hope (fed with action) for the future.. This is the graph you must always keep in your mind.

Think of your individual future and our common future as humanity… If this is not the must be graphic what is it then? If you don’t want to experience such a trend what is your post-covid and thereafter trend going to be?

I hope all this nightmare will come to an end asap, and we’ll work hard on how we can make ‘this’ graph a reality. I know how but this is more about you.

Keep the spirits high! Get prepared to make it to the summit!
Please take care. Be cautious, Stay well.


Aftermath of a birthday |2004

Ladies & Gentlemen,

I hope you enjoyed the time we spent together..

BE aware that YOU MADE it a great night..

Age doesn’t get better by TIME, BUT WE can make many other things better, JUST if YOU WANT it and JUST if WE STAND TOGETHER and JUST if YOU WANT to make a DIFFERENCE without NO EXCUSE. Then WE CAN even make ‘age’ BETTER by time..Simply, YOU want WE can, things just BECOME BETTER, not only the parties..

WITHOUT YOU it will NOT be a party, but WITHOUT YOU there WILL BE many, there will be wars, WITHOUT YOU there will be hunger, WITHOUT YOU there will be loneliness, WITHOUT YOU there will always be local and global all kinds of problems..forever. for them to stop, there must be YOU. The key is YOU, the gate to BETTER is YOU; for YOUR wellbeing and for EVERYBODY’s wellbeing, for your FRIEND’S wellbeing, for your FAMILY’S WELLBEING, for your COMMUNITY’S and for this WORLD’S WELLBEING. YOU.

Forever Peace and Friendship,



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