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For a move up!

And a 'Wise' Great Reset!


In fact 2 decades solid; R&D&A [Apply]

Global, and Universal, Vision Checkup Time It Is. You determine the scale! You can keep it just individual, too. You'll need to start from individual anyway... 

1. Everybody is going to have a solid Positive Vocabulary handy.
2. Everybody is going to become fully aware of the building blocks of her/his vision.
3. Everybody is going to upgrade to +MODE.
4. Everybody is going to have a role to play in Renaissance 4.0.
5. Everybody is going to have solid roadmap to make it to the summit.

Each article above is another world requiring too much and various effort, so, you'll be connecting the worlds in other words. Thanks to the Star Roadmap you'll be able to do this in the neatest way possible. You won't need to do any R&D or someting, it is coming to you as a plug'n play format! Just check out the methodology and then make your touch to wherever you see fit. Simple as that... The whole process turned into a game, too, yellowball! It's whole another story for later... 

In summary;


A vision has building blocks, all of which you have to be aware of. Their roles, and the harmony, not only in between each other but also with the outside world, have to be well understood. The active interaction there is most critical, where you should not miss a beat. That's how you let your embedded synergy which you already have by default, unleash. And you realize the potential and the new growth zones they behold.

So the whole process will simply start with urging you to think and write, at least begin to take some small notes, under each item below. In fact feel free to do anything with each item; Feel free to let the topic inspire you in any direction... We are simply trying to see what type of content you are able to come up with for each heading. So, you can even create art for each topic, which in fact you have to. Just feel free! Feel free to study as a team, too, as this is about reviewing and reviving our visions. So sky is the limit, not!



Some of the headings below, with your notes underneath, will form your super magic formula to upgrade to +MODE, and some will form the Renaissance 4.0. All of which are neatly aligned on the Star Roadmap. You will be amazed by how your +MODE transforms to a home sweet home! And Renaissance 4.0, together with the Star Roadmap, will humbly let you take your +MODE to new horizons, and to the summit!



1. What does +MODE make you think? What can be called +MODE?

2. What does Renaissance 4.0 make you think?

3. What does Your New Ism make you think?

4. What is your Positive Vocabulary?

5. Are you having a chat with senior citizens, as often as possible? What topics do you cover? What are the outcomes?

6. Are you a world citizen? Who is considered a world citizen?


7. How are you interacting with Social Entrepreneurship? What do you think about it? Are you a social entrepreneur? In what topics would you like to be a social entrepreneur?

8. How are you interacting with Professional [Business] Entrepreneurship? What do you think about it? Are you a business entrepreneur?

9. What do you think about the Common Future of the humanity?

10. How are you interacting with the student organizations? Are you involved, in one way or another? 

11. For what causes would you like to be active for? Would you like to support a global initiative for it?

12. Are you supporting any small business, and/or young entrepreneurs?

13. How are you interacting with Political Entrepreneurship? What do you think about it? Are you a political entrepreneur? Are you following any specific environmental, social, economical, etc, policy and/or policy maker?

14. DD (TBA. Try to guess what  it may represent. If you have a specific point in your mind that seems to be omitted just try to plug it in here or somewhere below.)

15. CAS (TBA)

16. C A&R M (TBA)

17. How are you interacting with Philosophical Entrepreneurship? What do you think about it? Are you a philosophical entrepreneur?

Read Think Write, for a quick start! Rest will unfold naturally... Feel free to add new headings which you see fit. You won't be asked to share your notes, they are all yours to keep for yourself but the Positive Vocabulary! If you share the proceeds of the positive vocabulary workshops you hold on your own or with others, we are going to bring together all the outcomes for everybody's review. And we'll have once common giant Positive Vocabulary! Besides, you'll need to share the outcomes of the positive vocabulary workshop to have a chance to be a Star Pioneer Jury.



Let's chase the CORRECT NORMAL!

  • You can use your own notebook to take your notes while working on the above agenda items.

  • If you want the above items in the form of a pdf agenda you can click here and download the Star Agenda as pdf.You can find the version of the agenda that is customized for the specific Global Warming case as well. So, yes, just pick any topic and connect it to the items of the base Star Agenda. Global Warming is to serve as an urgent case study as well. 

  • You can order the first of its kind social intellectual wisdom vaccine, too, on Amazon. It provides you enough space to take all your quick notes in one place. The notes you take will later form your Vision/Action line on the Star Roadmap! That will let you understand in what directions you can further strengthen and grow your vision along with its building blocks, in the wisest and most productive way possible. So, the vision checkup session consisting of thinking and writing at minimum, will be helping with somewhat a SWOT Analysis right before hitting the road on the Star Roadmap. Only then you will better tackle the challenges that come in front of you. 

Last but not least, all above simply points out to a methodology, of which, all its processes from A to Z were led to unfold naturally which made it to the summit in 2022. The goal is not only to discover new horizons and wise growth zones during the processes, but also, and most importantly, to make it to the summit all together! The processes are expected to help Wisdom Footprint top, too, while the Carbon Footprint will hopefully tend to minimize thanks to increased awareness on the Star Roadmap and accordingly the actions taken during the processes.
Besides, isn't it time to 'wisdomize' the comfort zones, too? All this will also serve as a comfort zone 'wisdomizing' checkup!

Like we have 5 basic senses, our visions have senses, too. Five zones of the Star Roadmap are like the senses of our visions, and each zone will simply help activate all potential senses of our visions, maybe even discover new ones! From another perspective, we'll fully open the chakras of our visions...


PS: Vision Checkup session is free of charge; with 'You put the price tag' option: The higher the figure, the more people we +MODE, and closer we are to the summit.


Note: -with the quick motto 'models for tole models' was the first website built years ago to begin to embody the thoughts, words, actions towards the above set of thoughts, words and actions. And it worked just perfect. Evolution never stopped during the processes, even for a second, finally it all aligned in the neatest way possible on the Star Roadmap and resulted in the YNIVERSE in early 2022.

Vision Checkup is positioned in the 1st Zone on the Roadmap shown between 05 - 15 seconds. There are 4 more zones along the way in case you want to take your Vision Checkup to the summit!

Jury process for the Super Magic Formula is in Zone 2.
+MODE is in Zone 3.
Renaissance 4.0 is in Zone 4.
∞ Zone 5 is where your vision/action summit is. You'll have embodied most of it already! So you deserve to be able to name it freely!

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