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VISION QUALITY | Starting from the individual first, and ensuring the Vision/Action Compatibility aiming at the summit. More importantly, encouraging and enhancing the interaction between the VQ and the other Qs.



Air Quality | Water Quality | Ocean Quality | Soil Quality | Energy Quality | Environmental Quality - At largest; Including everything you can think of, Life Quality with the highest Wisdom Footprint + lowest Carbon.



In addition to serve as a hub providing solutions for sustainability, in overall,  Star Sustainability Matrix is at the same time suggesting a holistic approach starting from very you, as an individual. The methodology to ensure the Vision Quality (Section I) has shaped in 2 decades, solid, and became somewhat a practical process. The other side of the equation, Section II, is comprised of various environmental + technological solutions and if you are a provider/creator on that side of the equation your place is ready on this hub, so please contact if you want to join forces and help change the world! Only together, we can strengthen and activate the matrix, and achieve the Star Sustainability. From another point, our efforts will sure take the awareness to the summit.

Here Quality points out to 360+° Quality. Not just from one perspective but from all existing and to exist perspectives, and the Quality of the interaction among all such Qs. So it requires a well defined and forward thinking, functioning, and maybe futuristic, too, matrix to manage this set of Qs in a productive and sustainable way. Such a matrix should also work in diverse fields and let other gains and progresses find a way to unleash and arise, letting role models multiply both in number and multiply their impact, too. All this means that a 'vision' with such an agenda has to be designated first, urgently, and its sustainability should be ensured. So yes, 'Vision' Sustainability is the heart of the Star Sustainability Matrix, and it is indeed a set of processes to fully achieve it.

A Star Roadmap is also designed in order to begin to serve as a methodology to come up with this Vision, and action, and to activate + communicate the subject set of processes. Plus, during such a main process, a lot will arise to work on and heal which will help ensure the ultimate sustainability.

All above Q's are very critical, needless to say. Each deserves the utmost attention and closest care, and requires continuous communication and cooperation to achieve it. Their interaction must be studied thoroughly as well. Not only the individual 360+° quality in each scope but also the ultimate collective quality, can only be ensured if all disciplines are involved and if everyone is included in the process of ensuring the ultimate quality. How else would it be possible to lower the Carbon Footprint and increase the Wisdom? Everyone has a role to play, and they will play it. They will with great joy only if they are given a basic roadmap to utilize which will let them realize new horizons on it, and make an eye contact with the summit.

Star Sustainability Program, which aims at the highest Wisdom Footprint for the minimum Carbon, is your new matrix to thrive with. The only way to achieve the minimum Carbon Footprint is to maximize the Wisdom, and to ensure a 'well defined + reliable' Vision Sustainability. So we have to start from somewhere to begin to 'review' our visions and ensure its building blocks are in great shape, then, 'embody' the wisdom simply by making sure our visions and actions are 100% Q by all means in all directions. Such a process will help ensure the Vision Sustainability. Most importantly, it will help individuals become change catalysts towards better, too, in the overall sustainability matrix.

On the II Side;

  • ​Indoor Air Quality Solutions [And saving energy at the same time]

  • Cooling Sanitation, Hygienic Cooling, Energy Saving Cooling

  • Renewable Energy + Energy Saving

  • Green Maritime 

  • Ballast Water Treatment 

  • Plastic Waste Minimization onboard vessels 

  • Predictive Maintenance for the Industrial Machinery 

  • Coral Reef Conservation, Coral Gardening 

  • Oil Spill Response and Impact Minimization 

  • Water and Wastewater Treatment Plant, Exhaust Gas Scrubber

Please use the contact form below to reach out if you want to share something or to seek a way to work together, or to ask for a proposal. We look forward to assist you and share our solutions to ensure the ultimate Q with the respective fields. Some are plug'n play state of the art solutions that will instantly begin to help you get closer to net zero by letting your systems first, and urgently, become more energy efficient.

star sustainability flag.jpg
star sustainability flag.jpg
star sustainability flag.jpg

So yes, Star Sustainability Matrix first suggests to go through a Vision Checkup session, because, not only it believes that once the Vision Quality is ensured at individual level the potential hidden in the rest of the Q's will unfold naturally and with the most quality format aiming at the summit, but also every single carbon source will be identified by anyone. Such a process will sure help increase the required awareness at public level, too. 

More about Vision Quality

Base procedures of such a 'worldwide' Vision Checkup session will be as such, as shown at 

The format is basically asking you to simply read, think and write, take quick notes, for a soft start. Then, even the sky is not the limit.

  • An ordinary vision, the sum of our thoughts, words, actions, etc that's to say, in general, is comprised of a variety of building blocks. To make you know these building blocks is pretty much the first target of the process. On the side, you have to realize which building blocks are active and which ones are idle, and make sure the critical ones are not the idle ones.

  • Some of these building blocks, together with the notes you took for each, will later form your +MODE, and some of them will form your Renaissance 4.0. Both +MODE and Renaissance 4.0 will then be introduced to other Q's of the Star Sustainability Matrix.  Even during the process you can begin to connect your field of activity to the heading offered by the methodology.

  • The subject format already offers some building blocks and asks you to simply think and write under each of it. Even taking some very quick notes are OK.

  • Meanwhile, +MODE visually transforms to a home sweet home, too. In this case our world as our home, and with such efforts we are going to fully embody the +MODE for our world and for our future, most importantly, for the next generations.


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