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PS: I was thinking about writing a 'so to recap' note about the YNI Star Roadmap processes but it all led the way to a new brand new 'and must' project! I mean is reserved and for now it'll only serve for YNI Star Roadmap purposes but later it will probably become a stand alone project with your 'so to recap' posts and feedbacks. Think of your whole life so far, or a specific thing, experience, life event, progress, occasion, etc, and come up with a so to recap! May it be a scientific one or social, business, cultural, etc, anything. It can be a tweet long text, or an encylopedia long, no limits. Everything needs a 'so to recap' note not only to continue refreshed but also for sustainability at max. Maybe to serve as a start point, too, to unleash a new and necessary point of view. And for some more fun, too :D So to recap, it's time to recap peeps. Imagine how one of a kind debates and intellectual discussions, which we tremendously need, would follow and rise above each so to recap! E.g. So to recap; We have a serious carbon issue to deal with, and a wisdom issue. Consider all scientists, artists, thinkers, philosophers, archeologists, professors, researchers, etc, are involved. So thrilled already!


So to recap;

#visioncheckup #visiondesign #wisdomfootprint #entrepreneurship #visionwithaction
#personaldevelopment #socialdevelopment #WiseDevelopment #WiseGrowth #SuperMagicFormula #Renaissance4.0 #YNIstarRoadmap #future #commonfuture #dontchooseextinction #harmony #humanity #environment #sustainability #superhumanproject 

During the Roadmap processes, or at the end of having experienced the whole process, feel free to share your so to recap. We'll have a lot of them indeed!

  • Five zones of the Roadmap are like our five senses, but of our visions in this case.​ We have to help our visions have the most advanced and capable senses so that it will develop wise and reflex reactions especially in critical matters like global warming, environmental pollution, etc. (It can be called Vision Learning... Like machine learning.)

  • Components / elements / building blocks of our visions are aligned on the Roadmap, like the aligned chakras.

  • Five zones of the Roadmap will also serve as growth zones with different perspectives by all means in the right directions. By following the sequence on the Roadmap we are ensuring a balanced, healthy, and productive growth with peace of mind.


Find the yellowball on the Roadmap. So yes, the whole process is also a new game! Yaaay.. Once you thoroughly understand all about the set of processes it will be up to you to determine how and where to play it. Briefly to say, yellowball is about changing the world.

Still enjoy football, basketball, volleyball, handball, etc but yellowball will become your new cool.


Zone 1 is about a most basic, or a comprehensive, Vision Checkup. Keeping it most basic or most comprehensive is all up to you. Simply go thru every heading of the Vaccine Workbook and think on them, and write, at least try to take some small notes... Easiest thing ever! When was the last time you had a vision checkup? And how do you that? Just think and write whatever the 'heading' brings to your mind, or / AND write down what would be a good practice under each heading. Like Gandhi said; "Be the change you wish to see in the world." What change you'd love to see under each heading? Write them all!

On the side, design your most intellectually sophisticated self. If you think you are it already simply transfer it to a set of headings to take it to new horizons. If this sounds too sophisticated then feel free to take it as a bit higher/better  than present self. Isn't it time for a real resolution, a real leap?  Why not design a super human anyway, just for fun? And try to be it?

That's all about it, so to recap.






The notes you take in the Vaccine Workbook in Zone 1 will serve as dots to connect on the Star Roadmap; Some dots will connect to each other to form the Super Magic Formula and some will connect under Renaissance 4.0. By the time you make it to Zone 5 you will have embodied your vision/action line. With some final and continuous touches in Zone 5 you will ensure the sustainability of not only your own vision/action combo but of the whole process also. Once you fully digest the overall idea of the process, that moment will become a cornerstone moment.

What you can do and will do with the Vaccine Workbook and the YNI Roadmap is whole another galaxy which is called







Jiddu Krishnamurti
Edmund Burke
Henri Bergson
Seneca -happy
Seneca the Younger
May Sarton
Albert Einstein -thinking
Pablo Picasso
Leo Tolstoy
Leonardo Da Vinci
Aldous Huxley
Blaise Pascal
Richard Feynman
marcus Aurelius
Samuel Johnson
Bruce Lee
Henry David Thoreau
George Berkeley
Carl Sagan
George Bernard Shaw -life
David Goggins potential
Filled with hope
Benjamin Franklin
Jordan Peterson
Margaret Mead
Anne Frank
Planting a seed
Eric Butterworth
Maya Angelou
Henry David
George Berkeley
Abraham Lincoln
Anne Rice
George Eliot
Marie Curie
Nicloas Malebranche
Albert Camus gotoofar
Albert Camus
Salvador Dali
Henry David Thoreau
Carl Jung
Lucy Maud Montgomery
Marcus Aurelius
Ernest Hemingway
Zig Ziglar
Luc de Clapiers
CS Lewis daybydaychange
Charlotte Perkins Gilman
Marcel Prost -destination-a-new-way-of-seeing
James Baldwin
Anais Nin
Johann Wolfgang Von Goethe
Ralph Waldo Emerson

Double click one to go thru all. A quick collection of various and valuable so to recaps...

More about the Zone 1

Hand written precious notes on precious topics... How great is that in such a digital era!? Don't worry, digital and AI, etc, will come aboard, too, but first 100% Natural Intelligence!

Zone 1 is like an ice breaker at the same time to help your vision try to get a hold of the overall idea. 

We are not at the start line yet, so Zone 1 will help make it to the start line, too. It's a long and challenging journey indeed, Zone 1 is like a must attend prep school after which you can simply drop out or continue.


YNI Roadmap is the new habitat...

Time & Place for Skill Regeneration!

Positive Vocabulary Workshop is just one of the headings only but a critical one; You should do it both on your own and with other people. Other people meaning anybody you can interact. For now, try to come up with the richest list of positive vocabulary... Favorite environmental NGOs and list of awareness topics are also critical but if you have issues with focusing try to focus your focus on the Positive Vocabulary. Because we are going to build probably the first positive vocabulary prepared in such a way... If not for yourself you should do it to share with your kids and/or with as many children and young people as possible.   

  •   Consider the Vaccine Workbook is a new agenda for you to review with yourself alone first, then with other people. See it as a new topic to brain storm, with tons of other potential horizons ahead. You can also think of it like you're buying a vision instead of buying a drink for your friend next time you meet up. Or why not offer a new agenda to cover?  

  • Try to create 'content' under each heading of the Vaccine Workbook. Maybe you already have an idea, thought, input, experience, practice, future plan, observation, feedback, etc, under the relevant heading so your content is ready there. See where you have the most content and where you don't have any. Try to understand how balanced your vision/action combo. Detect the required actions you'd better be taking where it seems it is needed. You will simply be mapping the components of your vision/action combo.  

  • Above all, and first, make sure your vision is not a shallow one. With or w/o the Vaccine Workbook. Then make sure you are growing both yourself and your vision with a great and healthy action plan. Most importantly, both of them should serve as a role model, and you have to become a source of inspiration. Vaccine Workbook, together with the Roadmap, is offering you a new method to help with such a process if you need any assistance. 

  • When the Roadmap is accepted as our individual or common roadmap to take to tackle various challenges, like climate change, we'll be able to determine what components seem strong and which ones are weak so requiring attention with priority. Vaccine Workbook will be instrumental in analyzing this and accordingly designing the action plan.

  • You can print out the Roadmap and attach it to the Vaccine Workbook, like an insert. So you may try to guess which zone each heading belogs to... Think of it like you just had yourself a new puzzle.

  • If you are a child, study the Vaccine Workbook with your parents and review the positive vocabulary, environmental NGOs and the awareness topics; make the Vaccine Workbook your new agenda to cover with them. See the Positive Vocabulary Workshop like a new game to play with mom and dad or with anyone. 

  • If you are a student, above item is still valid but also begin to take your notes, just in general, in the Vaccine Workbook under the relevant headings. If you made an observation, for example, just find the relevant heading and write there. If you can't locate a relevant heading you think of a proper heading, too. You may ask your elders and teachers to write in your Vaccine Workbook, as well. In fact, you should! The headings in the workbook may also help you begin to determine your future career...

  • If you are a college student, all above items are still valid but also try to utilize the Vaccine Workbook to understand how your field of study is connected to each heading. Try to explore new horizons for your major. See how your major could provide the most impact in all fields of the Vaccine Workbook scope and on our future.

  • If you are a professional you sure have a lot to share with younger generations in addition to reviewing your agenda to see new horizons and summits, and to become aware of new opportunities.

  • Same goes for you if you are a retired and/or a senior person... You sure must have a lot to write and share, to shed light to our lives. Your precious handwritten notes... What else could be a better legacy to leave to next generations?!​​

  • Use the Vaccine Workbook for problem mapping, solution mapping, idea mapping, network mapping, future mapping, skill mapping, etc. 

  • Try to see and guess what headings may attract to each other to form the Super Magic Formula for +MODE.

  • Try to see and guess what headings are coming together to form the Renaissance 4.0.

  • Try to design a home sweet home from the Vaccine Workbook scope and your notes.

  • If you are a volunteer for a social cause or for an NGO the Vaccine Workbook will help you connect your focus to various fields and to new outstanding outreach.

  • If you are an NGO the Vaccine workbook will help you expand your outreach. It will also help with fundraising! Just hold positive vocabulary workshops and ask for donations... or do it as a side event during an already happening event. Don't forget to prepare a list of the positive vocabulary to share it with the participants.

  • If you are an entrepreneur, social and/or business, again see how you can raise funds with the help of the Vaccine... 

  • If you want to sell the Vaccine and contribute to your budget that would be a great idea, too, whether you are an NGO or an entrepreneur. You're covered in that sense, too. 

  • If you are a policy maker ...

  • If you are a prominent leader ...

  • If you are a civic society leader ...

  • If you are a politician ...  

  • If you are a business leader ...

  • All above can multiply or more can be written for each specific academic, profession, career, social, etc, field you can think of. It all varies with any criteria or demographic you can think of...

These tips about the Zone 1 are just some of the most basic ones probably, to serve as an ice breaker activity between you and the Star Roadmap... which is quite a long road indeed. Sooner you are involved, shorter it takes to arrive at the start line and begin to knock down the excellent challenges perfectly aligned on the Roadmap.

Anchor 1

As you surf around Zone 1 and during the process we expect;

  • You will have some new ways of seeing, at minimum.

  • You will have a solid and compact positive vocabulary, at minimum.

  • You will have known your agenda better, at minimum, with all your ideas, thoughts, etc, to be neatly positioned on a roadmap.

  • You will have classified/mapped your thoughts, words, plans, actions, dreams, observations, etc, in the best way possible, at minimum, and to be prepared for the roadmap to take them all to new horizons.  

  • You will have known your network better, at minimum.

  • You will have come up with new topics to cover with your network, at minimum, and new agenda to achieve with them.

  • You will have realized new horizons and summits, at minimum.

  • Enriched by new perspectives and ideas, you will be further taking your agenda to new heights, at minimum.

  • You will become a vibrant part of a vibrant new network, at minimum. You will take the vibrancy anywhere with you.

  • You will have made sure your vision is a comprehensive and vibrant one instead of one shallow, short, and narrow.

  • You will determine what exact change to be you'd wish to see in the world.

  • You will determine how exactly you plan to change to a better status so that you'll also be contributing to a better and wiser world.

  • Bla bla bla...

If it seems like you don't actually have a real well defined and inclusive vision, or can't explain it well even to yourself, Zone 1 will definitely help you with both; Having a shiny clear vision while reviving the present status at the same time.

PS: Getting the Vaccine Workbook brings you no obligation. You don't have to continue with Zone 2. You don't have to share your notes in the Vaccine Workbook with anybody. The workbook's whole purpose is to help you with Vision Checkup and introduce your vision to new horizons. You will become the doctor of your own vision!

About the Vaccine Workbook

  • Vaccine Workbook is priced at $25 and on sale on Amazon. (Far at the beginning, before the Vaccine Workbook was around, it was going to cost 1 YLE (Your Local Exchange) to come aboard the YNIVERSE. Still same but with the Vaccine Workbook the process beautifully evolved, so, you can get the Vaccine Workbook alone or as a group, and either share the cost or somehow find a way to reimburse yourself if you need to if you are tight on budget, or, on top of that, try to come up with a business idea and find a way to even create a new income source out of the Vaccine.  (E.g. Hold positive vocabulary workshops for example, and on the side promote your other products, services, awareness topics, etc, at minimum. Or buy and sell the Vaccine.) So the 1 YLE pp is still valid, yet, it's up to your imagination and creativity to determine how exactly you will transform the 1!

  • Free option: If you prefer to wait for all challenges to be knocked down by others it will be possible to learn all about YNIVERSE for free.

  • You put the price tag: If your valuation of the process happens to be higher than 1 YLE you can simply put the price tag yourself.

  • Sky is the limit: Do you want to prefer to buy everyone a drink, or maybe a vision for a change to crown 2022? Besides you pay only if they like it! (A Zone 2 event. Long story.) 

  • Those who studied the Vaccine Workbook will have priority to apply to enter the jury in Zone 2 and they will be able to nominate 9 other people to come aboard with them... So the Vaccine Workbook is also like a ticket that provides you priority, and ability to nominate 9 other people. Zone 2 is the zone of growth housing the Jury Formation, Environmental Awareness, GIFT System, etc.

So to recap;

And by the way,

You don't have to buy a Vaccine Workbook but somehow you have to have a thorough Vision Checkup with or w/o it, and hold a variety of intense workshops with your circle both to cover various topics, including environmental issues, and to review your agendas... Meanwhile hold positive vocabulary workshops, too, and write the resulting vocabulary. 

Last but not least, Zone 1 has to be fully satisfied in order to make it to the next level,  Zone 2, that is whole another world.

Growth with style and a healthy civilization is possible either with such a roadmap, or with a magic wand. Time to choose wisely. 


All this is only a bit of the tip of the yniverse, and the Vaccine Workbook will help with doing some right to the point homework to prepare for the journey.

Only if you move, all this will move. Moving on your side means showing some solid sign of will, action, thinking, writing, etc.

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