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Please be informed that there are some eccentric and fantastic ways to get my books for free as a gift from me. The Vaccine and the Ozgurism. So please stay tuned. Buckle up and stay tuned, and meanwhile hover around and try to get a grasp of the infinite Star Sustainability Matrix which is the most fantastic and inclusive and productive Entrepreneurship Program you'll ever witness that will get you closer to Sustainability at its max everytime you grasp and embody a magic in and around the matrix. We have a lot to cover. New horizons ahead. Meanwhile please make a note of your comments, questions, criticism, feedback, etc. Better write them down properly under each heading of the Star Agenda; Feel free to start a new heading unless you can't see a matching heading. Matrix is designed to accommodate all your notes in the most productive way possible.

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I've been involved with a variety of things, pretty much simultaneously, for a very very long time. There was one scope though, one major goal, which I've never lost focus and eye contact with, not even blinked. Below follows some signs from that scope, consisting of my other expandable / modular set of activities as well perfectly positioned in the overall scope, purely and exactly in line with what I've been 'actively' longing for. Finally in January 2023 the Smart Loop visually made itself visible, helping things further settle, naturally, in a way clearly depicting the whole, making the ultimate and modular/flexible Entrepreneurship Cycle clear and visible for everyone, unfolding the big magnificent vibrant motion in a tangible format not only exactly showing the world in my head but also the world in and around the Star Sustainability Matrix -as I began to call it like that during my work on Sustainability.

Meanwhile I thought it was time to satisfy the need to have a website like this so that it will serve as a main hub. Please see hub2023, too. So, do you want solutions to enhance your efforts for sustainability and minimum carbon? You're at the right address. Do you want various models to enhance social entrepreneurship, business entrepreneurship, etc? You're at the right address. Do you want to communicate better, more efficiently, and more effectively, especially with younger generations? You're at the right address. Do you want to save the world, change the world, etc? You're at the right address. At least the right address for pretty very unconventional +MODE perspectives. Do you feel somewhat thrilled already, or got inspired a little? Yes, that's what I'm talking about, at minimum. Last but not least, expect nothing normal, because we're seeking the Correct Normal.

If it sounds good so far, and if you like what follows below, there is one thing you'll need to do so that both all this will find its true meaning and also we can proceed more productively. And that is a Vision Checkup session! Which you'll be free to determine the scale of it; I mean just keep it personal, individual, or do it globally! Not universally, yet. I've prepared the format and the materials for such a passion, oops - I mean session - to let you humbly start or just take a look whenever you want to have an idea, or simply whenever you want a new agenda to work on, alone or with your family, friends, colleagues, students/teachers, etc. It will not cost you a penny, by the way, for as long as you want. Once you make your mind to enhance your involvement and take your Vision Checkup to the summit while spreading the mood, I'll say 'Now you're talking', and it will still cost you nothing but with 'you put the price tag' option on the side which is perfectly + economically designed to let you get as many friends as possible to join you on the way to the summit. New horizons ahead, then the summit! You'll make an eye contact with the summit first.

Thank you for your time and attention.

Özgür Madak, Oz

Yniversal Designer

ChatYNI, YNI Star Roadmap, YNIVERSE, YNIVERSITY, YNIGRAPH, Star Sustainability Matrix

BSc Environmental Engineering

Brain + Vision

Environment first.

Vision Checkup;


With the help of the first ever

social intellectual wisdom vaccine.

22.11.2020 The Vaccine published.

24.06.2024 Ozgurism published.

PS: Feel free to order both the Vaccine and the Ozgurism online. Yet, please be informed that if you cover 100 people (for a global vision checkup session, 1 $/£/Euro pp) you will not only become a Star Jury Member (like a thesis jury) but also get the books for free as a gift; 4 copies of The Vaccine and 1 copy of Ozgurism. [Isn't it time to chat over a new agenda when you meet with your friends? We buy drinks for each other. It's now time to get a new agenda to cover together.] You'll save on shipping, too, by the way. Other gifts may follow. We'll see. You know specifics amount to infinite around here. GIFT System is whole another galaxy.

(75 instead of 100, for those who already purchased the Vaccine before. Thank you again.)

Please see and/or contact for a local transfer information at your convenience. Or do you prefer Paypal?

Briefly to say, become a Star Partner and rest will follow:

5B for the 6th B which is Balance.

7th B is Brain.

Believe: 8th B! 

Ozgurism is us;

You at your highest. 

Read Think Write ArDesign Share Inspire Rise

These ratings are part of 2018 report by award* winning KnackApp; a technology that uses the power of behavioral science, AI, and smart video games to gauge your playing style to determine how you think and work, simply by letting you play some games.

  • Wisdom Workbook published in 2020.

  • YNI Star Roadmap came aboard in 2021.

  • YNIVERSE showed up in 2022.

  • In 2023 it was YNIVERSITY's turn to come to stage! Along with ChatYNI and YNIGRAPH! ChatOz (100% organic) also joined the family in 2023.

  • The philosophical scope and the technical foundation got completed, in 2023, and the Republic of Ozgurism established.

  • Last but not least, it took 23 years for the mottoYOU from 2000 to make it to YNIVERSITY, the summit! In fact double summits with the YNIGRAPH.

That's to say, at some point during the processes, the mindset behind all this, the NI, is somewhat approved by AI.

October 2018

* KnackApp has innovation awards and recognition from The White House, World Economic Forum, Future Work Awards, The Royal Society, MIT, U.S. Department of Education, and Gartner.

August 2023

May 2010


December 2020

July 2015


I wrote this below note some 15 years ago. Now in 2023, I am glad to see that I fully embodied the overall scope of it.


The mottoYOU I wrote is 23 years old! Only now, in 2023, YOU perfectly made it to the summit, with the YNIVERSITY! In fact double summits with YNIGRAPH.

It is your very turn now, to make it to YNIVERSITY!

I wrote a YOUpoem, too, after the mottoYOU. Together they laid the foundation.

Please take a look at my Substack profile, too,

to review what else I have written. There I tried to bring together all my write ups, most of them actually, and further tried o explain the subject scope from different perspectives.


From another and most simplified angle;

1975 | Oz was born 

Republic of Ozgurism | 2023


Wisdom Vaccine | 2020



on planet Earth.












C with your vision first! A quick Vision Checkup would be the best start point.


The world in 'n around my head. Very quick overview from a most simplified perspective:

You're kindly and strongly invited to view the following section on desktop or laptop. Mobile view is left as it is by purpose, like as if there is some sort of a chaos. Remember this, too, by the way, from Nietzche; - You need chaos in your soul to give birth to a dancing star.

Vision Checkup

Star Sustainability Matrix

Energy Quality

Air Quality

Water Quality

Ocean Quality

Soil Quality

Environmental Quality

Maintenance Quality


Wisdom Vaccine

Wisdom Footprint

Social Quality

Philosophical Quality

Professional Quality

Political Quality




PS: Only after you IMAGINE and following a Vision Checkup session, we'll come to tons of specifics involved and/or to be involved in this 'Smart Loop'. However, I prefer you naturally become aware of those specifics during the vision checkup, and I simply fill in the blanks if left any. Aside from the loop, there are direct links and interactions both within each side and in between both sides of the cycle. Imagine, everything above is beaming, and see the network of micro & macro capillaries rushing everywhere in all directions, not just in one way clockwise direction which above is depicted like that for an easy introduction and to serve as a basic start point. 

  • So, during the processes, I will also be telling the 'natural' role AI played in making all this possible; Can it be called a good example of AI NI cooperation, and help develop new perspectives? We'll answer together.

  • I will be sharing my top three quotes, too, which I've always kept in mind during all these processes.

  • You'll likely hear this question as well, for any detail and/or for the whole scope: "How would you do it? Would you do it?" - Good that you already heard it now; So, yes, would you work on a 'Wisdom Vaccine' for example, or on a new comprehensive entrepreneurship model, like +MODE? Or maybe try to come up with a new ism and a program surrounded with entrepreneurial sustainability aiming at the highest wisdom vs lowest carbon?

  • Remember, all this is only 101, and Vision Checkup is indispensable to avoid an F grade in advance; Vision Checkup will allow A+++ follow naturally as well. Wisdom Footprint will tend to increase on the side, too, and help minimize the Carbon Footprint.

I know, too much to process. No rush. Relax.

Actually relax and rush, please.

Note for investors.

Ozgurism is a self renewing and sustainable system mainly consisting of the YNI scope which is a set of processes starting from 'You'. You here stands for not only specifically you you but also points out to any individual and any organization, and/or anything! So in total it is a 7 phase process;


ChatYNI simply stands for Vision Checkup. Thanks to ChatYNI, self talk is transformed. It is now talk 'n write. The more the merrier! So imagine it also stands for a global Vision Checkup session. Those who'd prefer to take their Vision Checkup to the summit, if not to new horizons, will simply proceed with the rest of the Star Roadmap which is a set of some outstanding challenges, at minimum, and for a start. We'll make it to YNIVERSE first, then to YNIVERSITY. 

YNIGRAPH is the final stage where all which came up during the earlier phases will be further enriched with more perspectives and actions, helping build some sort of a time machine, too.

So far so good, re the project's overall YNIQUE implementation, yet, I will definitely need to seek investment to be able to build the state of the art and positively disruptive 'All in 1' YNIGRAPH.

Besides, an urgent 'eye opening' Vision Checkup is indeed necessary to further empower the efforts for ensuring sustainability, asap. Don't you think so? 

You can click here to read more at the investor page I did a while ago. It needs some updates but still able to give you an idea.