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Under continuous and non-stop construction, however, for a soft start for you;


Your Present Status,

any present status, in real life.

Also, and most importantly, the continuous interactions both within each side and in between two sides of the vs.

  • You* will be kindly asked to write**, picture, and/or do any work including art*** work most importantly, about how you see the present 'general' status and/or the status of any letter, any word, any content, any situation, anything. It can be a third party's work, too, which you like.

  • How it is seen from a few points of view will be shared with you as well at some point, for a little extra inspiration during the process, so that you may also add your perspective and build on what is shared. E.g. The Triangle Loop, The Aquarium (or the Vase), Stand Up, 4B, SeeSaw.  

  • Or why not go with a future dream, too? Simply write, draw, or art it. What would you want to see in the future? [You don't necessarily have to see with your own eyes in your lifetime. Think yniversal.]

* Both singular and plural; you as a group, too. A present group or a group to be formed.
** A few words, a paragraph, or an essay, report, article, paper, etc, anything.
*** It is art! 
Just feel free!

PS: It doesn't necessarily have to be the very present status. Think yniversal.

We'll begin to analyse all above and all below further by all means only when you begin to read+think+write, for a start, with a new format, with the help of the first ever social intellectual wisdom vaccine which is in the shape of a workbook, and/or with the help of the wise coffee agenda, both of which will help with reading, thinking and writing. New horizons ahead. Destination summit.


In fact 2 decades solid; R&D&A [Apply]

  • Vision Checkup

  • Wisdom Footprint

  • +MODE

  • Renaissance 4.0

  • Star Roadmap

  • Your New Ism​



A Super Entrepreneurship Model;
The Super Magic Formula for the +MODE.

Somewhat like Disney+
But 'YOU' instead of Disney.

Renaissance Reloaded.
4.0 Style but 4.0 for the Natural Intelligence in coop with AI when necessary.
> Machine Learning. Are you? 

The Roadmap on which a lot more than the  +MODE and R4.0 are aligned in the neatest way, with New Horizons + The Summit.

Where the Start Line is.

Everything mentioned above, partially, and/or not yet mentioned here, are multi multi dimensional, and intertwined. The specifics amount to infinite! Only when you read+think+write, with the star format, you will be able to position this infinity properly and wisely, at least in coherence with your vision/action combo. For that to happen, and not to get lost later in yniverse, you have to fully understand the building blocks of a vision, any vision, and it is indeed a set of processes especially when at the same time you have to become aware of new horizons to work on and the summit to make! There are countless  other contents and specifics to be shared later, however, for now, Ozgurism wants your perspective and imagination to react, free of any further influence.

are the key.

Being a unique and unconventional yniversal case, construction is taking time due to fully natural requirements of the vision's texture and principles; The harmony in the complexity of the set of processes which have been underway had to be secured with the highest wisdom footprint in the most tangible, organic, and user friendly way. And as you enter the yniverse you will, too, see both the complexity and the harmony. Besides, you'll feel free to contribute to either one. Remaining idle is brought to you, too, as an option, if you happen to look for such an option. However, that option is only one and the simplest among the infinite number of algorithms designed to take you to the summit, if not to new horizons on the way.

PS: All above is only a portion of Ozgurism 101, which, at minimum, requires you to read + think + write + draw + design + see, etc, with a 'yniversal' format, and it will be your call to take it to maximum. Only then, the Star Roadmap for the summit will unfold.

Read Think Write


Art Design Share


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