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lıve pRojects for all generatıons

for our common future


Vaccine Workbook will serve as an entrance to the whole scope that is partly depicted on YNI Star Roadmap which is an essential part of Your New Ism.


  • By studying/thinking/writing/sharing/brainstorming with the help of the Vaccine Workbook you are personalizing the YNI in advance; personalizing for a cause or for something you want to achieve, or just simply to review your network and agenda for a quick SWOT analysis in order to realize new horizons, new summits, and see beyond on the Roadmap.


Your New Ism is not necessarily implying Ozgurism. Ozgurism is one designer outcome resulted from such a process (which then became the YNI Roadmap), and it is solely designed to help catch the vibe and harmony that is going on in the big picture right outside us and surrounding us; The only way to be truly and 100% content with our lives as a whole, is to catch that vibe, to be in harmony with the harmony, and rest will follow.


During the processes we’ll be going thru a Vision Check Up, too, in order to maximize our Wisdom Footprint.


All this is converted to a game. Yellowball. So let’s play yellowball.

Yellowball is about being the change you wish to see in the World;

Being a change catalyst when necessary,

Being idealist when necessary,

Being a leader when necessary,

Being a marvellous team player when necessary,

Being coachable when necessary,

Being stubborn when necessary,

And being everything that needs to be for anything that you believe should be.


Still continue to enjoy football, basketball, volleyball, etc, but we ALL have to win on a slam dunk with the yellowballWith yellowball, it is always win win win win win win… Not just win, or win win.


Super Magic Formula, an idealist entrepreneurship model, was the first major outcome of the R&D that started as a Super Human Project 10+ years ago. Everything evolved to the Star Roadmap and the super formula became the heart of the whole.


Yours truly,

Ozgur Madak

Your Yellowball Coach

new conventıonal

unless you are a fan of unconventıonal 

all the extra mıles to run

For our common future

ıs now made easy!

b/C ıt just became a practıcal system.

so that everyone can

run that extra mıle.

Big Bang, is yet to happen.



You'll need to think+write+etc first.

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