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Welcome to







With this one of a kind and sustainable Star Roadmap!

And which is only the first step into the

Star Sustainability Matrix.

What follows below, is only a most basic star overview. Stay calm, open your senses, and try to follow.

Welcome, to the hub,

surrounded with 4I;





1Y + 2P + 3C +4E + 4I + 5B






Vision Checkup

Star Sustainability Matrix

Energy Quality

Air Quality

Water Quality

Ocean Quality

Soil Quality

Environmental Quality

Maintenance Quality


Wisdom Vaccine

Wisdom Footprint




Social Quality

Philosophical Quality

Professional Quality

Political Quality



Seven Elements, all free+modular+multidimensional, depicted together, purposefully with the easiest and simplest view, from one angle only, at a moment they were 'hardly' squeezed &aligned as shown above to help you STARt to imagine &have a 'wondering' idea, and to begin to serve as an infinite source. Both sides of its perimeter are to serve as a canvas or a story board, too. Every pixel of the full cycle above will sure be analyzed. 


Set of reforms,

By all means,

In all directions.

You are the key.

Vision Checkup is a must.

Yet, the only way to fully understand the above Smart Loop, and accordingly make the best out of it, is to have a 'compulsory' vision checkup session which you can determine the scale, and/or customize it by setting a specific .................. (Anything. - First sign of infinity. Fill in the blanks freely. E.g. Customize for 'Global Warming' for example, if you fill in the blanks with 'problem'. PS: Consider all above elements including the items listed, or to be listed, are beaming; Providing you a unique environment for your IOI, Internet of Ideas. All above is a Vision Treatment and Rehabilitation system, too, for achieving the Star Sustainability at the same time.)

Thank you for your time and attention. Regards,

Özgür Madak


Me, but also you.

And/or us.

And/or humanity.

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From another perspective,


Consider it done! Simply b/c it will be baby play with the Star Roadmap, which, alone, is  

a world wonder.





In other words,

New 'Wise' Norms to adapt in the name of;

  • Correct Normal

  • Highest Wisdom Footprint

  • Lowest Carbon Footprint

  • New Horizons

  • The Summit!

The summit for .................

(Fill in the blanks freely. E.g. Your full name! Besides, as you become more familiar with the cycle you'll fill in the blanks differently every time you look at it, or even when you don't look at it but something you think, hear, see, speak, write, do, etc, brings it into your mind.)

You are free to determine in which order to start with! Same goes for the yellow part as well;

Read Think Write,

Think Write Read,

Write Think Read, etc.

You are kindly invited to view on desktop or laptop. So that you'll directly and better observe how all these particles you see below, some atomic and/or subatomic, are positioned in the neatest way possible and where all they belong to in the infinite yniversal picture. The irregular look they present is left as it is by purpose. FYI.

Stay Well. Thank you.

Quick glance at the Star Roadmap... Very very quick.

First of its kind social, intellectual, WISDOM VACCINE! In the shape of a workbook... Which activates only when you begin to READ THINK WRITE, and which in fact, at the same time, will serve as a master vaccine.


The headings in the workbook, each serving as a building block of a vision, any vision, will help you have a Vision Checkup! During the process design your +MODE [How  you should in fact be, what you should in fact be thinking, doing, how you'd prefer to upgrade your agenda, etc, 

Resolutions+ in other words] and/or Renaissance 4.0 [vs Industry 4.0 at minimum] with the help of those headings, and/or add new headings. Simply review what you have, and/or, what you can offer, under each heading.

Vision Checkup is the only way to let some extra ordinary phenomenon likely cross paths with us.

Do art, Draw a model, Write a word, text, message, song,  book, story, letter, Prepare a report, Think of a policy

Follow a policy, Analyse a policy, Bring a new dimension, Teach someting, Learn something, Make an app, Design a solution, Take a class, Connect a new perspective, 

Remember an old idea, Become a social entrepreneur, Fix something, Pen a poem, Record a memory, Analyse a topic, Educate people, Sponsor a student, Encourage an entrepreneur, Get a senior citizen involved, Have a website, Have a to do list, Meet a new person,  Pray AND Work for better, Design the better, Design a +MODE, Design a Renaissance 4.0, Ask a question, Seek an answer, Kindle a spark, PR for an NGO, Shoot a video, See beyond, Make a joke, Categorize your actions, Regenerate a business idea, Organize a meeting, Join a conversation, Study a case, Detect a problem, Design a problem, Design a syndrome, Review a detail, Improve a detail, Remove a gap, Become a bridge, Prepare a presentation, 

Hold a brain storming session, Give an idea, Discover new horizons, Foresee a summit, Cultivate something, Promote an action, Finance a cause, Motivate someone, Interview an expert, Consult a friend, Find a new passion, Define success, Design a success, Remember a success, Initiate 

something, Have plan, Create a team, Start an NGO, Join an NGO, Introduce a historic figure, Find out a role model, Unleash the potential, Work for a cause, Take a quick note, Detect a dilemma, Design a dilemma, Find a gateway, Revive a skill, Connect a dot, Fill in a blank, Invest in, Make an eye contact, Talk to a kid, Interview a professor, Understand the past, Foresee the future, Post an update, Boost an impulse, Raise awareness, Offer cooperation, Strengthen a value, Welcome an idea, Get a new hobby, Search the archive, Visit a company, Become a change catalyst, Open a path, Become a role model, 

Sustain a cause, Write a book, Heal an issue, Enrich the ecosystem, Determine a growth zone, Set a goal, Add something, See something, Map your resolutions, Have a stylish new resolution, Chase the wisdom, Embody the wisdom, Take the wisdom to new horizons, Increase the wisdom, Lower the carbon, Study the sustainability, Shout-out, IMAGINEDREAMREADTHINKSPEAK

WRITE, RISE, NETWORK, MAKE IT there, to the summit, 




  • All above, together with all below, is only 101. We'll come to tons of other specifics later.

  • Do you have PhD, MSc, or BSc? Determine new horizons and new summits for your field! Are you looking for a new field to pursue a degree, or to start an NGO, or to expand your business - maybe start one? Star Roadmap is the address. Consider this, too; When the problems are deep, solutions have to be deeper. So, if you are a challenge person, determine a new growth zone accordingly! That's to say, detect a real problem first, and try to match it with your endeavors on the side.

  • Are you a student, young professional, etc? Look for a real challenge, too, in the big picture of your field. Examine how you can increase the wisdom footprint and lower the carbon footprint in and around your present scope of activities, for example. Work with the elders, ask their cooperation.

  • Just like a vision has building blocks, a problem has building blocks, too. So, the headings in the workbook will not only help you determine problems but also let you realize their building blocks. What is great about it is that the same building blocks, together with the Star Roadmap, will serve as a source for solutions! Even taking a note of role models in your network under each heading, is a huge step for a basic start! Last but not least; Find a solution, and/or offer one.

PS: This is all about getting you involved in the most productive way you've ever encountered, simultaneously encouraging you to a vision checkup, at minimum! The headings of the workbook are here as a pdf star agenda for free download - you can simply use a notebook you already have to work on the star agenda and accordingly take your notes. Each heading is another world! So you'll simply be  connecting the worlds in other words.

All this has to be completely in line with the vision's principles and requirements, which aims at letting you, us, make the best out of it. For that to happen, you have to write! And that's why it is a workbook letting you write, while assisting you with your vision checkup. Only then, the algorithms to arise will begin to unfold. The goal is to make that process a natural and organic one. You won't have to share your notes, by the way, but you may be asked to share your positive vocabulary in case you'd prefer to further proceed on the Star Roadmap.  

Apparently all this is not some sort of a 'fast food' to consume jut like that. It requires time and effort to grasp the idea, properly digest it, and then continue accordingly, to further build on it and/or take it to new horizons.

  • How you approach to all this, your initial perspective and feelings, your present reaction... You can make a note of them, too, just to monitor how and whether your 'reaction' would be evolving. Quick footnote: In 2021 I got a call from someone after 13 years exactly, someone who said 'I just understood what you were doing then.'     What was being referred to was somewhat a small scale case study around the scope now brought together from another perspective on this website. Further specifics, demographic analysis, etc, about it will be shared later. Other 'natural' validations obtained from different age groups, will be shared as well.

  • In addition, the instant initial reactions are usually old fashion type of reactions not more than some automated responds which lacks of the required evaluation with conscious and wisdom, and which are 'mostly' shaped over a lifetime by various factors like society, habits, norms, age, fear, every day psychology, etc. The flexibility, the logic, and the depth in the judgements are 'mostly' gone. In such case, of course it depends, for the conscious and the wisdom to react-ivate, the respond needs to take its time to be a fulfilling and content one.

  • Please write your questions, too. And write as many as you can.

5 Zones of the Star Roadmap below are like our 5 senses, but of our visions' in this case. Consider first Zone is ice breaker (also between you and your mindset) and for an  orientation that will simultaneously let you have a vision checkup. It will be you who will decide whether you'd love to proceed and take your Vision (+Action) Checkup to the summit.

How KnackApp saw the NI that put Ozgurism together.

(2018) (KnackApp, with innovation awards and recognition from The White House, World Economic Forum, Future Work Awards, The Royal Society, MIT, U.S. Department of Education, Gartner, etc, is an award winning platform using the power of behavioral science, AI, and smart video games. It simply lets you play some games to gauge your playing style to determine how you think and work.)

There was no Wisdom Vaccine in the shape of a workbook, there was no Star Roadmap, no YNI, no YNIVERSE, no Vision Checkup, no Wisdom Footprint, no YNIVERSITY, then, in 2018. There was only me, my chase and the +MODE scope along with a poem from 2004 entitled 'You'. While always having continued to work on the new horizons and the summit for the overall scope I was at the same time saying 'this is not perfect yet!' And at some point during the process this came in front of me "Have no fear of perfection - you'll never reach it." ― Salvador Dali 


I think the right quotes somehow always came in front of me at the right times. Not just once, or twice... Many times. I will give more examples in the future.


In 2020 November, the Wisdom Workbook entitled 'The Vaccine' came out, which activates only when you begin to read+think+write, at least with a new format at minimum, and proceed to continue to build on it.


2021 gave birth to two new phenomenons; Vision Checkup, and Wisdom Footprint! Which helped clarify the ultimate goal of the overall process: Vision Checkup, and monitoring, to ensure the highest Wisdom Footprint. That would  definitely help minimize the Carbon Footprint at the same time.  

In 2022 the ultimate chase made it to the summit; YNIVERSE (.io) was born, where in case you see something that is not perfect, YOU will make it perfect.

In January 2023 the Smart Loop, also called the Smart Cycle, revealed itself, thus marked the ultimate summit to achieve. Smart Loop is also the mother map of the Star Sustainability Matrix which should be internalized first by the Natural Intelligence! Only then AI should be allowed to step in.

February 2023 arrived with another superb and beyond fantastic progress, which appeared to be the ultimate ultimate destination: YNIVERSITY!

Last but not least, it is very easy and user friendly to come aboard and join forces with all above... Simply pick any element or any item you liked the most and give it a place on your website or somewhere, include it in your routine, show it on the socials, etc. Vision Checkup and Wisdom Footprint would be my favorite. Well, if it is hard to decide which one just feel free to pick it all! It's that easy to actually begin to become a change catalyst! 

Most importantly, share your thoughts, evaluations, feedback, views, contents, visions, actions, too, at the same time. Especially re what you are doing within and around the context of S U S T A I N A B I L I T Y. You are somehow connected to it. Realize it. B/c DESTINATION SUMMIT! WITH THE HIGHEST WISDOM FOOTPRINT!

Stay well, feel super, always keep up the great work.

Thank you for your time and attention.