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Home of great ideas, all converted to plug'n play actions in the Smart Cycle. Vision Checkup is the only way to understand it, so to activate it. Beware, new horizons ahead. Then the summit.











C with your vision first! A quick Vision Checkup would be the best STARt point in order to activate it all. Both on your own to start yourself and with your network to start together, to sustain together. Remember, thanks to the Star Loop above, the Smart Loop below became visible, in a form fully embodied!


Once you start, Star Roadmap will follow, and 2P+3C+4E will also join the above loop.

You're kindly invited to view on desktop or laptop. Mobile view is left as it is by purpose,

Vision Checkup

Star Sustainability Matrix

Energy Quality

Air Quality

Water Quality

Ocean Quality

Soil Quality

Environmental Quality

Maintenance Quality


Wisdom Vaccine

Wisdom Footprint

Social Quality

Philosophical Quality

Professional Quality

Political Quality



PS: Imagine, everything above is beaming, and they are all intertwined. And everywhere is covered with a network of capillaries rushing in all directions. One way clockwise flow depicted is for introduction purposes and only to start from somewhere. The specifics simply amount to infinite, and from another point of view, we will be embodying the infinity to ensure the maximum wisdom footprint and minimum carbon. That's why a SWOT analysis, in the form of a Vision Checkup session, would serve as a productive and efficient start point.

Long story short,


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The Wisdom Vaccine in the shape of a workbook; To feed the hope for a better future! To feed the hope with a new age solid and inclusive Vision + Action. And of course to provide it a strong immune system; to surround the hope with a comprehensive and functional immune system working 24/7. [A booster for your vision+action, in other words.]

Are you looking for a fresh start? Or just some new horizons?! As an individual, as a community, as an organization, as a company, etc... Come join HUB2023! And we'll start a global vision checkup session together!


Yellowball Coach, at the same time, stands for a Change Catalyst towards ensuring the ultimate sustainability, and we need lots of them, and anyone can become one, and everyone will become one!




1Y + 2P + 3C + 4I + 4E + 5B

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