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VISION QUALITY | Starting from the individual first, and ensuring the Vision/Action Compatibility aiming at the summit. More importantly, encouraging and enhancing the interaction between the VQ and the other Qs.

In addition to serve as a hub providing solutions for sustainability, in overall,  Star Sustainability Matrix is at the same time suggesting a holistic approach starting from very you, as an individual. The methodology to ensure the Vision Quality (Section I) has shaped in 2 decades, solid, and became a practical process. The other side of the equation, Section II, is comprised of various environmental + technological solutions and if you are a provider/creator on that side of the equation your place is ready on this hub, so please contact if you want to join forces. Only together, we can complete the matrix and achieve the star sustainability. We can take 

the awareness to the summit, at least.


All above Q's are very critical, needless to say. Each deserves the utmost attention and closest care, and requires continuous communication and cooperation to achieve it. Their interaction must be studied thoroughly as well. Not only the individual 360° quality in each scope but also the ultimate collective quality, can only be ensured if all disciplines are involved and if everyone is included in the process of ensuring the ultimate quality. How else would it be possible to lower the Carbon Footprint and increase the Wisdom? Everyone has a role to play, and they will play it. They will with great joy only if they are given a basic roadmap to utilize which will let them realize new horizons on it, and make an eye contact with the summit.










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