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Please display on laptop. Mobile view is left as it is by purpose.

100% organic.

& w/ 100% natural agenda in force.

Come on over! For growth with style!

Style meaning multi dimensional and with the highest wisdom footprint vs minimum carbon.

Time goes, Illumination comes. (This phrase has a quick story but to be shared later.)

May 23, 2023

Yes, 100% organic, unlike ChatGPT or any other artificial i.

On the other hand, it's been a while AI, together with behavioral science, approved the NI (Natural Intelligence) behind ChatOZ. You can see the report here.

Now, ready? Fasten your seat belt, take a deep breath, and open all your senses. Feel free to take breaks and fresh your tea, coffee, etc. Remember to take a deep breath every time you remember to take a deep breath as you read and try to process what's going on... Remember. You don't have to cover all below all at once by the way. All this is not a fast food to consume just like that. Absolutely not. Everything is designed accordingly anyway, so that it can't be consumed in two minutes. 

Also remember, most importantly, you have to activate new ideas, new perspectives, new visions, new actions, new solutions, for a better future with the highest wisdom footprint and the lowest carbon. This is what we all have to process.

+MODE calling! Renaissance 4.0 will follow! Beyond is whole another galaxy!

+MODE will be your brand fantastic tool to analyse problems, accordingly come up with solutions! The Wisdom Vaccine, which is in the shape of a workbook, will help you break down the problems and focus on each building block if you want to come up with a solution. Or if you have some sort of a solution already you'll again review its building blocks and proceed accordingly.

Please click here to review an album about this scope. 

ChatOZ will simply ask you to

hold as many Positive Vocabulary Workshops as possible,
design a +MODE,
and design a Renaissance 4.0,

before he shares his designs along with all the specifics involved. Simply because, the more the merrier! +MODE and R4.0 will be playing key roles in the Star Sustainability Matrix as well, that's why. Only together, worldwide, we can achieve the Star Sustainability Matrix. And we have to achieve it asap.

With all this, you are like preparing yourself and your agendas to +MODE STATUS!
If Disney upgraded to Disney+ you have to do the same and upgrade to YOU+! +MODE will help!

ChatOZ's designs include action plan, too, and all this is part of that action plan. Which means, +MODE, R4.0, YNIVERSE, Star Sustainability, etc, will activate only if you are active, only if you get involved. Only solid efforts and active attentions will power the Star Roadmap! Perfect win win, or terrible lose lose.

So, all organic ChatOZ created an agenda with the help of aaaaaall the input that entered his vision + action + past + now + future scope. We’ll get into all the details about all the inputs, however, this first of its kind all organic and natural agenda has two major components;


1. Vision Checkup 2. Wisdom Footprint


In fact all components are major but we gotto start from somewhere you know.


Simply start with reviewing the building blocks of your vision, to start from somewhere, and just keep going until you make sure you secured the ultimate coherence and the highest Wisdom Footprint in and around your vision. Yes, it will take forever considering the 'action' element will be involved, too, because Wisdom Footprint has to be embodied with action! Just remember there is always an extra mile to run, from time to time at least, and try to empower READ THINK WRITE ART SHARE INSPIRE RISE. That's about it, and forever will be fun. Oh, by the way, re the wisdom footprint in any case, is it wise if you neglect the 'sustainability' factor? 


Needless to say, Carbon Footprint has to be always kept in mind, too. That's major side goal anyway; to run all the extra miles to minimize it. So, OK, let’s say it is the third component. 3rd place doesn’t mean the third place in priority… They all have equal priority! The priority is like a mobile element hovering around these three components, and it knows when and where to land. Yet, today, Carbon Footprint has the foremost priority! So you definitely should not ignore to approach the Vision Checkup and Wisdom Footprint issues from Carbon perspective. Maybe in the future some other bla bla footprint will be critical then you'll simply replace the carbon perspective with that bla bla perspective. They are all intertwined. So you just have to grasp the idea, rest will follow.


Vision Checkup





So its seems we have a wise triangle here. Let's call it CWV. Carbon free Wisdom Vision!

Consider the visual is just a 2D snapshot; It is not in fixed position but in motion with lots of action going on, and revolving both around itself and around you for example. You can stop it whenever you want though. When you want to analyse a specific thing for example. Anything. Once you grasp the magic embedded in and around the triangle, and get a sense of what is beyond, you’ll go WHOOOOAAW! HOLY MOLY OZZY!

The specifics about the above 3 components and the triangle amouns to infinite. Before we get lost&found with them here are some of the other major components... Yes, all the components are major and the specifics amount to infinite.



  • MottoYOU + YOUpoeM

  • Positive Vocabulary Workshop

  • Wisdom Vaccine

  • +MODE

  • Renaissance 4.0

  • YNI Star Roadmap

  • YNI



Everything in place to start from scratch and make it to the summit! Maybe you are already at the summit, or around the slopes... You'll see the whole scenery, at the YNIVERSITY!

ChatOZ made a game out of all this, and called it Yellowball inspired from the yellow 'now' on the Star Roadmap. However, it can also be called Lost&Found! That's somewhat the whole purpose anyway as long as you make sure 'found' part works out, too. Good luck if you are lost. Don't worry 'found' will, too, work out well.

Ok, tons of specifics apparently but we gotto keep going. None of the specifics will be omitted though, we are just fast forwarding to come back later and study every single word.

All above components are neatly aligned in the YNIVERSE and pointing out the YNIVERSITY! Star Roadmap will be helping embody both your ynique YNIVERSE and this YNIVERSE over here. All you need to do, and ChatOZ asks you to do, is to start your 'free' Vision Checkup session asap.


In fact you have 3 options in total in case you think 'Hey, come on, this should not be free. We have to take this Vision Checkup to the summit.' And ChatOZ responds 'Now you're talking my friend.'

a) Free

b) 1 YLE (Your Local Exchange)

c) You put the price tag.

Wait, you have a fourth option, too. Pick any of the above three options and sell at any price. I talked about it somewhere in one of the websites but there is no way I can find it now.

So, first of its kind social intellectual Wisdom Vaccine seeking the correct normal will help with an easy start to the Vision Checkup, which recently made it to Barnes & Noble! It is in fact a master vaccine. You'll understand.

Besides, you don't have to order it to proceed, ChatOZ is not trying to sell you something. Just take a look at the Wise Coffee Files and start your vision checkup from there for free! Taking notes, especially hand writing, is critical though, so The Vaccine will be instrumental in that sense.

PS: Wherever you order the Vaccine, may it be, Barnes & Noble, or, or however you decide to get involved it will be your responsibility to make the necessary arrangements so that it will cost you 1YLE. E.g. If you paid 25USD for the Vaccine you can collect 1USD from 24 people. Or collect more, sell it for more, provide other products/services in return, combine with other products/services, buy the Vaccine in bulk for less price, etc. Specifics, again, amount to infinite. We buy drinks for our friends when we meet them. Now it's time to buy a vision! A new WISE agenda to cover! So accordingly enjoy the wise coffee. Get wise coffee for all your friends! And don't forget to hold positive vocabulary workshops on the side!

Holy Moly Ozzy... Tons to talk..





















Holy moly ozzy... There are other visuals, graphs, especially the infinity graph, I forgot to include above. I forgot by purpose. Above 18 elements will be analyzed on the Infinity Graph as well. That's the real deal! So, bla bla bla, from aaaaall the building blocks offered above and by the Vaccine, or by the Wise Coffee, you will simply be having a vision checkup session, but at minimum! You will see what contents you have handy for each building block, and design new perspectives + horizons for them, determine the extra miles to run. The specifics maximum holds amounts to infinite.


You can try to design a +MODE and a Renaissance 4.0 during the process so that you will compare your designs with ChatOZ's designs, for example. Sky is the limit... Approach from any angle, introduce any perspective. You definitely have to introduce the SUSTAINABILITY perspective though. Connect the word 'sustainability' to every single building block, that's to say. To every single heading in the Wisdom Vaccine, in other words. Remember, you can later replace the word 'sustainability' with any other word, even a letter! These are only part of 101!

All the contents, art work, design, etc, you come up with, create, during the Vision Checkup, are all yours to keep! You will only be kindly asked to share the Positive Vocabulary to proceed and help with the wisdom footprint thing. You can save your other contents for later to share on your brand new platform called the YNIVERSITY!


under each heading in the Vaccine!

Each heading, each building block is a different world serving as a new growth zone! So you'll be connecting the worlds, in other words! Towards embodying your YNIVERSE!

Destination Summit. New horizons on the way. 

Summit is surrounded with 5B!

5B will help with ensuring the ultimate B. And that is Balance!

Balance in between two infinity signs for example! Just let's review our [vision/action] 's building blocks and the ones ChatOZ is offering, and see how we are doing with the balance thing, and see how we can further strengthen it! We'll need to keep our balance at the summit you know.

Some more visuals will come here but I have to go now... Just stay tuned. Critical visuals somewhat quickly depicting the evolution of ChatOZ.

Meanwhile some quick questions:

  • What if yOUR vision collected dust and it needs something like a vacuum cleaner?

  • What if yOUR vision has cataract?

  • What if yOUR vision caught cancer and it needs to be treated asap?

  • What if yOUR vision needs a shampoo like you wash your hair with shampoo?

  • Just like you use a washing machine or laundry, and detergents, etc, for all your clothings, what if you need the exact same thing for the building blocks of yOUR vision?

  • You probably know tetris, maybe played it at least once... What if we have to position all variety of continuous input and data inflow in our daily lives to the right building block of our vision? Don't you have to know and be fully aware of the building blocks of your vision first? 

  • Health checkup, fine. What if you need to go thru a comprehensive vision checkup now? At the edge of switching from global warming to global burning? At least check how your vision action combo is interacting with SUSTAINABILITY, for example?

  • What if you are missing some critical points and dimensions in your vision action combo?

  • What if yOUR vision and future is being harmed by someone else's vision who has serious  problems with the above issues so you have to manage the situation and accordingly organize the communication with other visions?

  • Last but not least; Post COVID type of post 'something', or an issue like 'sustainability' needs a comprehensive and inclusive system, supported with a vision coming with an action plan which you can personalize and/or customize. You as an individual with any demographic, as a consumer, as a producer, as an organization, as a company, as a school, etc etc etc. So aaall above things may help you with coming up with new action plans and/or adapt to existing action plans in the most efficient manner. You just need a user friendly and well defined way to handle aaaall this mess. Handle & Heal!

ChatOZ is here for new horizons and new summits. But you HAVE TO know your vision first, your active base vision at least, and thoroughly examine its building blocks, realize their interaction among themselves and with the outside world. So, ChatOZ, together with the building blocks offered above will take you, and/or your vision/action, from where you are to everywhere in the YNIVERSE! So that you'll make an eye contact with the summit and see beyond.

Mark is taking you to Metaverse, Elon to various places in the Universe. Now you have to make it to YNIVERSE! Frankly speaking, you have to fully make it to YNIVERSE first. So that other destinations will mean something. So that you will introduce them to the highest wisdom footprint and minimum carbon.

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All above is only a tip of YNI...

Your New Infinity surrounded with 5B.




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1Y + 2P + 3C + 4E + 4I + 5B

PS: Don't forget to shop and spread the mood. This is YNIVERSAL VIBE! VIBE CHECK EVERYONE!

It's like kitchen shopping but for your vision and action, for yOUR future, in this case. 100% organic ingredients. Perfect for your brain diet and flawless shining visions. Consider what you feed your brain and vision, ask whether they need kinda new food. They may be longing for Vitamin Oz. Or Vitamin Ö.


You may sure have a lot to share with young people and the next generations... Write them all in the Wisdom Vaccine! What you can do with the Wisdom Vaccine is infinite... Think creative! And act!


Let's Read Think Write Art Share Inspire Rise! Rewire our visions and actions!




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